PC System build - Potentially Broken

Hello everybody, I had made this post about a month ago about my new system build not booting up. After not coming to a solution, I had kind of pushed it to the back of my mind as it was kind of depressing so I thought I'd try again xD

Here's my full list of parts:

In regards to the GPU, I know that it works, it's the one I'm using in this PC right now. It's a Nvidia 210 (GAMING?!). I know, I know, but I wanted a PC that worked, first, and then get a decent GPU farther down the line.

So here's what happened - I set up the PC, all of the connections are correct, I've gone through this multiple times now and consulted my motherboard manuel, however after turning on the PSU and plugging in the system, and actually trying to turn it on by pressing either the power button or the reset button, nothing happens. After the PSU is turned on the motherboard LED goes on as well, but other than that, it is devoid of all life. What happened initially was when I flipped the PSU switch, the LEDs (Mobo and front fan) would blink for a second, and the fans would kick for a second, and then stop. This stopped happening after I rebuilt it (took all the parts out, and did it all again, step-by-step).

One of my friends who regularly does PC builds said that it might be the PSU, and that I should never use the "stock PSU that comes with the case", and that I should "throw it out of a window". That cracked me up. He suggested that it might have broken my motherboard? And I'm pretty sure I took all the nescessary precautions with ESD, I did use an antistatic wrist strap.

Does anybody have any help they could give me? After doing well with my GCSE results my Uncle says he's going to buy me £100 worth of stuff, so which parts should I try and replace, and how should I try to test which parts work and which parts don't? This was my first PC build, basically all of my birthday money went into this, and I really just want to get a reasonable PC for gaming.

Thanks for any replies! 


Judgeing from the coments on the newegg webpadge the Mother board is verry problematic, every thing from memory compatibility problems to board's being DOA. I would sugest geting a replacement or something diffrent as the board looks cheap.

Thanks for the suggestion! Perhaps I shall do just that.