PC start up freeze, have to reboot (fix)

So i have an old PC that i built in 2009. Lately is been doing something when i turned it on.

My problem is i have to reboot, because it freezes on the windows 7 logo. So i have to do it sometimes couple of times, sometimes it shows to do disk repair, which i have done. once i get passed that the PC works fine.

My question is: Is this a hardware problem?

I dust out the PC, heat sink, and all the area inside (keep it clean all the time). Also changed the 3 volt battery in hopes maybe that fixes the problem.




PROCESSOR: AMD Athlon 7850 dual core 2.8 GHz


Graphic Cards: GeForce 9600 GT


If it freezes on the bootup logo, it might mean that the windows startup files are damaged if you can get hold of a dvd of your OS and repair the windows installation and see if that works (not a clean install).

But it really can be a lot of things, and if the hard drive hasn't made funny noises lately it may be software based problem and reinstalling windows completely might help.

That said you should try to start windows in safe mode if you haven't tried already, that will load only system neccessary files and not all autostart programs (that you can find in Run -> msconfig) which might create conflicts.

If windows starts fine in safe mode ( i recommend with network ) then that can mean virus and/or conflicting programs, in which case i'd recommend a clean windows installation if the virus scanner below doesn't help.

To eliminate eventual viruses you can use hitman pro which i'll support to the day i die for how many times it has saved me x). It's a virus scanner and remover, not an anti virus and will not conflict with existing antiviruses the (the download links in the link works for win 7)

So with all this said! i hope you're not running win7 ultimate with 2GB ram :> and just because it's standard practice i'll say "maybe PSU failing" :P

Man I should it check back, barely saw your response. T

Thanks dude, hitman pro worked amazing, i actually had used it before to deal with viruses on my laptop but i really didnt think it was software related. 

It detected a problem on start up "stardock program" and it fixed it.

other than that not another problem other then deleting some cookies.

Life saver man, glad to be part of this community in tek.