PC Shutsdown When Running Demanding Games and/or Furmark!

Please help!!! Every time i run Furmark or graphically intensive games my computer automatically shuts down (like if i were to unplug it from the outlet w/o any warnings or errors)...

Yes I have done my research here's what i found! This guy is having pretty much the same problem as I do... As Soon As I Run Demanding Programs Comp Fails! (http://forums.majorgeeks.com/showthread.php?t=255295)

From what I've seen and read It seems that it is a PSU problem/issue or Heat. I'm not sure thus I'm here.

Here's My Set Up:

MB -  Gigabyte 970A-D3P

CPU-  Amd 8320 (3.5 - 4.0 ghz) (using Stock Cooler)

MEM-  PNY 1333 4x2 GB

GPU-  Asus R9 270 2gb (non X) (975/1400)

PSU- Corsair CX600m

Storage-  Samsung 840 EVO (250 gb)      

Case-  Antec Black GX700

---- Note... Every Part/Component is brand new and not even a year old!


Yes now... I've also done my own tests. Ive clean the filters, grills, fans, case, gpu, cpu cooler, everything...

(Note---- There's 10-15 min rest in between the tests with the fans at 100% to cool down components)

HERE's THe Tests: -With Furmark-

(Note---- I did the test INSIDE the case and OUTSIDE!)(Yes I unplugged everything and tested it outside the case on the MB box)

  • Installed inside the case:(2 120mm intake fans and 2 140 exhaust fans) Decent airflow

          With Cpu and Gpu speed/clock at Stock... -Fail/Shutsdown. (*after 10-15 sec. Sometimes even as soon as furmark is ran).

          With Gpu oc (with msi afterburner) to +10 power, 1025,1425... -Fail/Shutsdown. (Same as before. Above*).

  • Outside the case: (With everything outside including PSU)

         With Cpu and Gpu speed/clock at Stock...-Success/Did not shutdown (Ran for 3 hours no shutdowns and no problems).

         With Gpu oc (with msi afterburner) to +10 power, 1025,1425... -Again Success/Did not Shutdown (Ran for 2 hours no problems).

I have no Problems with my cpu and the stock cooler that came with it. I Ran Prime95 all day with no problems. Only With Graphically Intensive Games (BF3, BF4, Modded Skyrim) and Furmark.

So with that I will consider any help or suggestion I get. Because I'm really confuse. HEAT or POWER SUPPLY? Thanks in advance.




.........uPDATING fIRST tHREAD  (Sorry about not mentioning this Guys!!!)........ [7/6/14  20:01]


When I first built my system I originally had used an amd 4300 and I remember I didn't really have any problems/shutdowns... (everything else is the same. component wise psu, mb, gpu ! again sorry about not mentioning this!)

Does this information help?




Sounds like a bad power supply to me.

Shoddy power supply.

If not, check your motherboard's heatsinks.  4+2 power phase design is a bit weak for the 8320.

True.. anything else u could say? corsair power supplies are not too bad tho are they? any recommendation for a psu?

I agree with the power supply. I did check that and found that my heat sink for my chipset is very hot compare to everything else around it (heatsink that has the Gigabyte Logo)! Any Suggestions? New PSU/MB?

It's one of 2 things.

1. Is that your motherboard is bad. 4+2 power delivery is hard for an 8320 and those 970 gigabyte boards have horrible heat sinks that are to small for the amount of power they have and are also usually very loose on the board. That's my best bet.

2. The power supply is bad but I'm very skeptical of this when the motherboard is so bad and documented as horrible. I have the 750 watt version of this exact power supply line from corsair and have never had a single problem. You might have gotten a bad unit, but my bet is 100% on the motherboard. 

Fixes: Get a new motherboard. Even if it is the power supply you really shouldn't be using an 8320 on the motherboard. Get something like a Asus 990fx pro 2.0 for best results without paying huge amounts of money. You could also get a different power supply. Something maybe gold rated from either Antec, Seasonic, Corsair, Thermaltake or XFX 

I've seen that motherboard crap out way to many times to bet on anything else besides it. 

Thanks for the insight. So u think its the mb... I think so too now that you've mentioned how crappy my mb is...

Now I actually kinda wanna build another system. An Intel Based one. All I need is processor and mb and that's it.

Just grab an Asus M5A99FX Pro R2.0 and be done.  Your current build is good, except for the motherboard.

I had an issue with a gigabyte board that also had loose small heatsinks with a 4+2. It powered a 6300, but it never turboed very long despite having the cooling capacity (<60c); in fact, it throttled a little below base clocks under heavy CPU load. I'm positive the MB was the culprit, but it never outright powered off. Besides, it seems the issue occurs when the GPU is powered up, which happens to be the most power-hungry component in most systems. Also, Corsair's Builder series aren't the best. Not terrible, but great either. I got a CX430 for an APU build and mine arrived DOA. Replacement is just fine.

My money is still on the PSU.

Consider a faulty gpu aswell.same thing happened to me last year.i built an fx 8350 build with asus m5a99x evo r.2.and a gtx 650ti asus dcu 2. Installed fresh os after assembling and all that latest drivers.installed battlefied 3 on it and after 5 minutes of gameplay the pc shut down like someone switched off the power.i started the pc again and did the same thing . after it shut down second time i won't start again.nothing happened,just red led near cpu blink for a split second.i suspected the power supply but it was gpu. I doa'ed it and new one worked just as it should.i think gpu got shorted and backfired due to which motherboard failed to post.

thanks probably will keep it... So probably just the mb


K thanks. So either the MB or PSU... Probably gonna have change the MB first? Any thoughts on that? or PSU first?

May I ask what PSU u had? (at the time)... So now not just the mb or psu might be the suspect but the gpu as well? lol. damn... hard to be a pc elitist jk... (enjoy what u have)... Just Remember Som'n UPDATING THREAD! FIRST POST!


I had cooler master thunder 550 w

Did u have to change your psu or not? what did u change/replace or whatd u do? Thanks for the reply but u didnt really tell me what u did to fix this/what should I do... RMA?... BTW updated my first post... any response to that?

Just the gpu was rma'ed. Rest is still working fine till date.

If you have any other gpu,maybe friends use that and test it.be sure to uninstall current drivers first.or go to a local vendor and ask to inspect it.they usually have spare parts lying around to test.it seems your gpu because whenever you do gpu intensive work,your pc becomes unstable and shuts down.i can be psu or mobo,but most probably its your gpu which was similar to my case.

Imo you should not have oc'd gpu to test unstablity because manufacturers know when you oc the part.and i'm suspecting they won't rma your gpu.but hey you can try anyways.rma your gpu,even if its not faulty.you'll know one thing thats not.

You might also wanna change your mobo,but do not get asus one.go for another gigabye one.my asus has some issues that bug me its gonna die soon despite being only one year old,it give me overclocking failed once even if i did not attempt to overclock.And it has some audio software problems too that relate to software.other than that its awesome board i.e m5a99x r.2.0