PC shuts down only while playing Guild Wars 2

I’ve been playing Guild Wars 2 for well over a year now without issue and recently took a week long break. I logged on yesterday and now, after 2-20 minutes of playing, my PC shuts down, tries to restart but is unable to, and wont respond (reset and power buttons do nothing) until I turn my PSU off and on again. This issue only occurs with GW2.

The specs of my rig can be found here:

I play GW2 at 1440p with everything maxed out.

I’ve tested my system in the following ways without OCing anything:

  • Confirmed that every driver and the BIOS are up to date and that there aren’t multiple drivers installed for any component
  • Performed a 2 hour stability test with AIDA64 without any problems
  • Played The Witcher 2 and Tomb Raider on ultra for multiple hours without issue (as well as other less resource intensive games such as Shadowrun Returns and XCOM: Enemy Unknown)
  • Memtest on every stick of RAM for 3 passes each without issue (tested for 11 passes each a month ago)
  • Used a PSU tester and a multimeter on my PSU to confirm it’s working fine
  • Monitored temps of every component using HWMonitor and RealTemp to confirm thermals are fine
  • Pulled a knife on it and berated it with saucy epithets

I’m completely bewildered by this. I searched online and found similar issues, but those seem to always be about laptops and/or overheating. Also, aside from testing my PSU in multiple ways, it’s only 2 months old. And, again, this is only happening with Guild Wars 2.

Any help or thoughts would be immensely appreciated!

Give GW2 support a shout, they're really nice to deal with and help you out relatively fast.

Other than that, I personally have no clue since you've already gone through all your stability tests, maybe try running the Unigine Heaven or Unigine Valley benchmark a few times?

I'll give that a shot—thanks!