PC shut down issue

Hey guys!

So iv finally built my pc and have been fiddling round just to get some of my peripherals working and doing what i want them to do.

But I have now run into a problem... when i shutdown my pc through windows 10 start menu it will shutdown as usual and all the LEDs will power off. But when i press the power butting again it boots up as if it was in sleep mode and when i go into the task manager to the the CPU utilization, the CPUs up time is still running even when it has "shut down"

im not too sure what has caused this to happen as i have only tampered with the xHCI option and the S4 option in bios. And i have updated my bios version to the latest one.

I have an ASUS H97M-E motherboard running windows 10 (bios version 2501)

Any ideas as to what i should do? or just reset everything back to default in the bios and see is that has solved it?

Step 1 Install Windows 7
Step 2 always blame the power supply

I think that shut down thing is a feature of Win 8/10, like it doesn't shut down fully unless you do some specific thing with it

it's a windows 10 thing. doesnt actually shutdown, just goes to sleep. or whatever the fastboot feature they are using.


hope it helps.


Weird cos i have a notebook which runs windows 10 and that ACTUALLY shuts down.

And my PC used to FULLY shutdown before i tampered with the bios...

Thank you!

ill try that and see what happens... if nothing ill just reset my bios back to default settings

What PSU do you have? just curious if it has OCP you might have a short somewhre

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