PC Seems to be lagging, is about a year old and only lags with certain games. Just started lagging this month. Help? ;_;

It sounds a bit like drivers are messed up. I would uninstall your current driver, boot into safe mode, run driver sweeper, boot back into normal mode and install the latest CCC for your video card.

Holy windows guide:

After 6 months or more of use, create a new profile in windows. Solves most problems ;)

I don't do this, but it sure as hell is the second most effective tip before formatting : )


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihVEGWrk5E4 Sorry I'm new to this, but pretty much everything this guy does right?

btw install driver easy to update your other drivers such as the motherboard drivers,this lagging can be caused by your chipset drivers,so make sure they are up to date

How do I uninstall and Reinstall a chipset driver? Using Driver Sweeper.

Ok, so I'm defragging the C: drive and I uninstalled the drivers and installed the newest ones... Still lagging (and I'm still using GTA IV to test).

Alright, nothing seems to be helping my framerate. Anyone have any other ideas of what I can do? I feel like I've tried almost everything already.


Also, my Memory Clock Speed is 1100Mhz and GPU clock is 820Mhz when in-game... If anyone is even in this thread still.


just for curiosity,you didnt try to overclock this pc right?

did this happen right after installing the new ram?

Try the latest driver for your chipset


I have not even attempted it. I'm too much of a noob.

No, I don't know exactly when but it was around when I plugged my 360 into my Monitors VGA port due to lack of TV. (Beginning of this month)

Thank you for the reccomendation. I'm doing it right now.

ok blade i got some new ideas,first it might be your Power Supply not giving enough juice to power your machine on more hardware demanding games for example GTA 4, also it could be a problem on your PCI Express x16 slot,and unfortunately im seeing here that you MOBO doesnt have a second PCI Express x16 slot.ok here is a hunch,try unchecking the catalyst AI on the AMD Catalyst drivers.

Alright, and the game Payday: The Heist used to lag as well, then I turned on Vsync and the lag almost completely dissapeared from that specific game. However, f I turn on Vsync to GTA 4 it does nothing. Also, some of my games don't even have a Vsync option so I can't use that as a solution for all of them. Also, GTA 4 still lags without Catalyst AI off. :/ On another note, my CPU usage is quite high. When in game it spikes up to high 70's low 80's.