PC seemingly randomly causes screens to go black and GPU fans to go to max speed

I haven’t tried windows on a completely different drive, the one it is installed on is brand new. Unfortunately this has been going on and off for so long that I don’t know the last time that my system was “stable” and it would’ve been with my previous PC anyways.

To me this sounds like a thermals issue with your GPU. I remember having the same issue with my GTX 1080 and ended up having to adjust the fan curves to make it run cooler.

You didn’t mention anything about your case. Are you using the same one from your previous build? Do you live in warm climate? You also mentioned it happens randomly, have you tried stress testing the GPU to see if its an issue with thermals?

Yes my case is new. Also I have been monitoring the temperature with MSI Afterburner and it never goes above 50C. After doing a burn in with it, it stayed constant at around 69-71C and then the displays go black and wont come back until I shut down and restart the computer.

Update #2

Figured I’d share an update of everything I have tried today to no success:

  • Switching the GPU to a different PCIe port
  • Using Nvidia’s tools to uninstall everything and then reinstalling it
  • Used a second PCIe cable to connect to the power adapter for the GPU
  • Ran a burn in test and monitored temperatures and power draw, both were within expected levels
  • Ran a heavy-duty extension cord across my house to the other side to see if it was an issue with power draw.

Obviously none of these have worked, however I have learned that I can cause the issue to happen fairly consistently within 1-3 minutes by running FurMark.

Homie… Honestly… Only thing I can think of is “dead” Power supply. I bought a pre built from a place in South Africa and for year I use a power supply that would die in it’s final black screen. I am pretty sure if you were to use a new power supply your issue will be solved.

If anyone ever comes across this thread because theyre having a similar problem:

The solution was that it was a defective GPU. Since returning the 4070Ti and swapping back to my 1070Ti, I have had no issues.

I believe it was a faulty power adapter that the GPU came with but I have no evidence for this. My old PC was likely a dying PSU.