PC Resurrection: Gigabyte GA-8N-SLI - Best upgrade options?

Hello guys,

I've not built a PC in years, and the last PC I built was based on Gigabyte GA-8N-SLI motherboard.   My girlfriend has since been using this machine for light gaming and day to day use.  Unfortunately the graphics card has now died.

I'm currently not in position to replace the PC.  So I'm looking at the most cost effective upgrades.  I am currently thinking of upgrading the video card and the memory and maybe trying to pick up a second hand processor off ebay.   The logic,  I can move the video card into a new machine, and the memory will be pretty cheap - so I can take the hit on that not being usable in future machine.    

So first up, is my logic completely flawed?

What would the best CPU be,  I'm slightly confused by gigabytes support for CPU's,


On the list linked, there are lots of N/A's next to them, can I conclude they wont work, or that they have simply not been tested?   What would be the best safe CPU - has anyone had any experiance with this motherboard?

Next,  Memory, it says it supports Dual-channel DDR2-533/DDR2-667 with 8 gig limit.  Am I safe putting 4x2 Dual-channel DDR2-667 or does it have to be match to the processor (sorry I'm so out of touch).

Last up,  the motherboard has 1x16 pci express lane,   am I safe fitting Sapphire R7 265 2GB GDDR5 Dual DVI HDMI.  Would I be able to run that card at later date in crossfire with an AMD APU and would that be good plan for future proofing my purchase.    Is there going to be any issues other than not getting the full performance of the card?   I'm satisfied that the psu is up to the job, so I don't think power is going to be an issue.

I plan to buy a new PC in 12-18 months time, financines  pending.

Any advice will be welcomed.  My budget is around £150 and I live in UK - so uk based products and ebay links would be super helpful.

Thankyou in advance!





As for CPU Support, I am not sure.

You should be safe with that RAM.

The R7 265 should be good.  It will not crossfire with an AMD APU, but it's actually very strong as a standalone mid-range card.  Your CPU will likely bottlleneck the whole system, though.

What's your power supply model and wattage?

Power supply is ocz 520w,  I figured the CPU would be the bottleneck.   I though I read somewhere that the new APU's could crossfire.

Further question,  do I need to get low or high density memory for this motherboard?

AMD's new APUs will crossfire(known as dual graphics if crossfiring between the integrated graphics and dedicated graphics card), but only with low end cards such as the R7 240 and R7 250.

Both high and low densities should work just fine.

So - is this Ebayer' just being over cautious?