PC restarts randomly



Recently i changed my Theme with the Video from TekSydicate,

Also to Placebo,


I did it before, But due i had to reinstall my PC due a SSD install i had to apply that again,


But my PC seems to Restart sometimes without warn, Not even with a Windows Shuttingdown message, At once it freezes, black screen, and starts the PC back up.


Also i did make a restore point, but i cant seem to find it anymore in my register from my PC restoring app, Can i find this file anywhere so i dont need to reinstall all windows if this cant get  fixed manualy easly ?


Btw it is without blue screen, its just Freezing a sec, Black screen, Starts Mobo screen and starting up.

I hope for a answer due its freaking me out :P

do a repair install or clean install

What is a repair install?

Found it, but i kinda doubt it,

Due i think it might effect alot of files doesnt it?

Step 1: Shut down computer completely and unplug the power cable.

tep 2: Pull off the side panel of your desktop.

Step 3: Check for dust around the CPU, CPU Heatsink, Northbridge (Should have some sort of small heatsink on it already, should be pretty easy to spot)

Step 4: Clean out fans, CPU area, and Motherboard of all dust (This can be done with a combination of canned air, compressed air [use a low psi air compressor], hurricane canless air, or vacuum with brush attatchment [vacuum should be used as a last resort only])

Step 5: Leave the side panel off for now. Plug computer back in and power up.

Most freezes, lock-ups, restarts, bluescreens are caused from too much dust in the computer which leads to too much heat on the CPU which causes the computer to shut down or restart out of "Self defense". Should this not solve your problem, please continue to Step 6.

Step 6: Shutdown computer and unplug.

Step 7: Take a flashlight and look at your motherboard. If the capacitors are bad, the will start to bulge around the tops of each cylinder. (Capacitors are usually cylindrical in shap and have some sort of symbol stamped into the top of each cylinder. These consist of, but are not limited to "I", "K", a large "+", or "A". If these have gone bad, they need to be replaced or you should look into a new motherbaord.

Step 8: Check to ensure all cables are connected properly and are not freely floating around the computer tower as small gaps and movement may cause "Gapping" between power connectors and this can cause sudden restarts.

If that does not work try

Step 9: Unplug everything from the Power Supply, plug the power supply into a power source (IE: the wall or a work bench) and test all of the connections with an amp meter or a circuit tester.

Step 10: Post results of tests so we can further diagnose (Please include specs) or Post which step worked. Good Luck

Well heath wont be the problem

My 3570k is on a h100i and it maxes out at 65 degrees MAX when priming,


And the motherboard is just fine, Its a  Asus p8z77-V

I dont have it to long and i cant see any problems,


Well i did not have the problem anymore,

I recently done a Bios Update yesterday, 

And before that i also did not have this problem anymore, Maybe its fixed?

Never use a vacuum! not even as a last resort, they create static electricity and that shit aint good. Just blow it out with your mouth ass a last resort

I have a Datavac airblower, Wich i normaly use to start cleaning my PC, afterwards i sometime may use a vacuum for around the PC and less hardware area parts

You made sure you have the latest firmware for your SSD?

Ye i kinda check all my drivers every week, including the SSD. with magican from samsung (Samsung 840)