PC Resolution reverting when switching between devices

I’m in contact with the L1L folks regarding the issue, but I’m posting here to see if others have run in to the same issue and if so, how you addressed it.

Namely, I have a new MacBookPro and a Windows PC both connected to the KVM which is in turn connected to a Samsung G9.

The issue is that when the KVM switches between the two inputs, the PC’s resolution is returned to it’s native 640x480 resolution and I not means of changing it (greyed out).

If I unplug and plug in the DP cable going to the PC, the resolution reverts back to the desired resolution. Or if I unplug the MBP DP cable before switching, the PC resolution is fine.

Has anyone run in to this issue before and/or can think of a solution? I’ve already tried a couple of different cables (Club3d, Moshi) and different ports on the MBP.

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I’ve run into this in the past with devices that had different native resolutions, but that was when I was using them for workstations which I haven’t done in a while. The only time I really use one now is on my server rack. I do have a few workstations on one, but it was only used for initial setup as I can remote into them past that if needed.