PC Refrigeration

Any Refrigeration mechanics on here at all?

I’m starting my refrigeration apprenticeship this year and was hopeing to put together a refrigeration system for a new build I’m planning on. 

There’s not much info on this subject, and the attempts I’ve seen are pretty armature and poor. The best I’ve seen is the Thermal take XPRESSAR2, and even that’s pretty poor from what the resalts I’ve seen. and don’t even mention the VapoChill XE II such a ugly monstrosity. 

I’m looking for a system similar such as the XPRESSAR2 where it uses no evaporator just the refrigerant itself. It’s a very simple design, but hard to get it all laid out. Only biggest issue will face is condensation.

Im hoping to get as much info and feedback about this, more the better so if theres anyone on here who has done this let me know be keen to find out what the do’s and don’ts are. My biggest worry is the condensation so suggestions on types of insulation are what I’m after mostly.



best/easiest bet would be getting a phase change cpu cooler but those can costs quite a bit. i would suggest just going with liquid and you should be fine

Well... i guess u could but the entire pc in a tank and fill it up with mineral oil. No, air no condensation. 

furthermore. Peltier elements are cool, but then you'll still need some way to move the heat away. Just bouncing ideas here^^

well the XPRESSAR2 uses such a tiny condenser coil so i think that’s where they fail. I’m planning on having something twice the size or more depending on the case i choose. Removing the heat is no challenge being that it can be set up just as the same as a water cooler.

My work mate and I agree that the biggest concern is the condensation, which is why i think the XPRESSAR2 gets such poor results being that they don’t want to push it too hard or it will start sweating all over the place.

So we came up with 2 solutions. Either incorporating a drip tray that is housed in a sub level of the case, or having it dripped on the condenser coils that are externally housed. So not only you have a condensation problem there’s also the humidity factor as well. Im planning on building sort of a glycol system like what they use on bear taps so its going to extreamly very cold.


So this is like..a case but it's really a fridge and would be fanless? I've had little ideas in my head about the very thing before. Seems kinda nice for some situations but for other situation just seems like a waste when there's things like mineral oil and just the traditional case and fan setup that works fine.

Well if you'd actually put your computer in a tank with mineral oil you'll still need som way to cool the oil:P Mineral oil in itself aint a great way too cool a computer but it conducts heat a lot better than air. The problem is that you will still need to transfer the heat into the air one way or another, and then you will need a big cooling surface, or you could cool it with your fridge system. Dude. If u made an efficient fridge cooling system with mineral oil, i believe you could have that system running for years.


stick a rad in ur freezer!!!!



wouldn't that freeze and maybe crack it?

need to do some research on the liquid to to see it's freezing point i guess

No its going to be more like a bear tap 

if you know anything about glycol then you know what im on about

same setup as a water cooling system but it wil get alot more colder.

next time you go to a bar put your hand on the bear tap, thats how cold it will get. to a point of iceing so thats where the hard bit comes in. 


 transfering the heat into the air is still going to be the same as any other water cooling system. The condensor can be mounted inside the case blowing outwards thats not the big issue. glycol and R22 has a boiling temp of -40 deg so gives you at some idear how cold it will be.

antifreeze man!!!!