PC Randomly Freezes

I built a PC about 6 months ago, and every so often it will freeze up. I will be browsing the web or looking through a folder, and it will just freeze. Typically it takes about 10 seconds to come back to normal, and all the stuff I clicked on during the freeze will suddenly open up. I think it may be my HDD, but I'm not sure and was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience. Everything else works fine, and it only seems to happen when I'm on the desktop. It has never happened during a game, for some odd reason.

I don't have any viruses or resource hungry programs running in the background. The only thing I have set up to run on start-up is AVG Free and Nvidia GeForce Experience


CPU: AMD FX 6300

RAM: 8GB DDR3 1600

PSU: EVGA 600w 

GPU: GTX 660/2GB

HDD: WD 1TB Blue

Windows 8.1 64 bit




You can check windows event viewer, see if anything pops up there, could be a couple of things, 

Check your HDD sleep timer under power options, set your CPU min to 50%, if its on something like 5-10 currently. 



Now, windows 8 is made up, so that all programs go into frozen status, when you are not using them, so it might be something popping up from time to time, and forcing everything else to go idle. So check the event manager, most likely you will find the culprit there 

either your cpu is over heating or your gpu is over heating or your memory is over heating  or your hd is over heating.

Thanks, I will look into this

My system is well cooled and I would find it hard to be a heat issue, but I will look into this. Thanks.