Pc problems need help quick

i recently built a pc but it wouldnt post all the lights and fans came on the power supplies the cpu fan the gpu and the light in the case but it still wont post one time it beeped 5 short times indicating a processor error i checked the processor and from eyes inspection no pins where bent ive heard other people with this same problem and they have been suggested its the powersupply,motherboard,graphicscard, and cpu it gave me a failed cpu error all the ther parts seem to be working fine id like to no what you think the problem is and if i should send the cpu back or if its another problem

make sure your video out is plugged into your graphics card and also check you cpu power cable the 4\8 pin one and you 24 pin motherboard connector

already did

Thats werid It may be defective  is the lever on the cpu socket and every thing else in place if so there is a possablity that the cpu or the motherboard is defective.

yea the lever is down

im guessing you read the motherboard manual that tells you what the beep codes mean for that particular board.

You put the CPU in the correct way? usually have to match two corners up.

i did and yea i checked the manual


Best thing i can suggest before you start thinking about sending stuff back.