PC problem

HI im in need of help. I have just recently installed an ssd for my os and for steam. i have done windows updates yet my pc will randomly crash sometime 5 minutes sometimes 3 hrs into using. However i have had issues with my terrible motherboard which i got with my original desktop pc its the only component i havnt changed.

I need help diagnosing the problem and maybe finding a solution to this.

Sometimes my pc will crash and freeze.

On boot it may not get past the motherboard screen with the "press f10 for settings" and stuff. if i click f10 it will say entering setup but will not enter.

I just need to know what the problem component is.Also before upgrading to an ssd i did have trouble booting up aswell. 

Thank you for your help.

Sounds like the motherboard. What model is it?

Also did the crashing begin after a certain batch of updates or not?

Although the fact that it won't enter the bios does suggest a mobo issue.

If possible update the BIOS on the mobo. Run stress tests to determine when it crashes, like Prime95 (CPU and RAM) and FurMark (GPU). It may also not to hurt to get memtest86 to check nothing is wrong with your RAM.



Well my motherboard is like 3 years or older. i will probably change the motherboard these problems occured more after change to an ssd but it was pretty bad before. I just need to know wether it was a mobo or ssd problem .

Well, if you had issues BEFORE switching to the SSD, it might be the motherboard. Try using these two programs and see what they say about your SSD.



just used ssdlife. 100% health downloading latest firmware however , i remembered that my motherboard is sata II i think the ssd is sata III will this make a difference?. 

just tryed the firmware updater it find no drive to update so i dont think its the ssd 99% sure its the motherboard ;P

The port type will only determine you max speed of the ssd. If its a sata3 ssd then it will only reach sata2 speeds.