PC parts for friend's build

I am currently helping a friend replace his 8 year old dell and could use use some help with some of the parts. Currently im selling him my brothers old gt 640 and a new corsair 530watt psu and another one of my friends is selling him his old case (mid tower, dont know the specific model but currently has an atx board in it so another atx board would be a smart idea). The only other thing that I have chosen for the current revision is the athlon x4 860 (release price is set at $60), which means that I need recommendations for a good mobo, CPU fan, memory, and hdd for under $240 (not including the cpu). Don't need anything too fancy (the other build option hes looking at is using an athlon 5350, which I see no real advantage to if he isnt using the iGPU), just a board that will likely be able to take advantage of future and better fm2+ CPU's would be nice. Also, my friend will not be overclocking.

about $11 over budget, but it adds a Crucial 120GB SSD :)

CPU comes with a heatsink/fan. no overclocking, no need for an aftermarket cooler. 


Looks pretty good, will show it to him and see what he thinks.

let us know what he ends up doing :)

Sounds like thats how his build is gonna end up, did forget to say he needed a network card but I added one to the revision that I sent him. Now its just a waiting game for the 860's release. Total build cost for him is still under $550 and were trading the 640 for a 7770 so even better.

glad i could help ^^

but, why does he need a network card? you mean he is forced to use wifi?

Eh I still suggest getting some sort of CPU cooler. The cooler it runs, the longer life it could have. even a Hyper 212 is worth getting. This is what I'd suggest: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/mVCYRB

$10 over budget, includes a CPU cooler that I have used and it works great (even for light overclocking), a damn decent mobo, and decent RAM (Kingston is the good stuff).

If your friend REALLY wants an SSD (worth a buy but personally I wouldn't suggest it on such a small budget) he could go for this build: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/MvvJpg

Only a $65 mobo...no aftermarket coller.Should get the job done...but honestly...if he could stretch for some extra cash. I'd still suggest getting AT LEAST the CPU Cooler. If he could scrape even more together, getting the Asus mobo+SSD would be great for lasting longer in the future.

That M500 SSD has very slow write speeds. I would personally get an MX100 or Samsung Evo or ditch an SSD altogether.

Ya hes forced to use wifi unless hes tearing the walls of his house up to get an ethernet cable to his game room.

Hes actually grabbing a refurbished corsair GT ssd, so that'll be better than the one on the part list for the same price.

The idea with this build is that it will be upgraded as he gets the money to do so, and ive used the stock cooler on my 8320 and another of my friends uses it on his 8350 so we decided to go with the stock cooler so he can get a board that will hold up for future processors than a cheaper one would, but we did consider the cooler at one point.