Pc or nextgen consoles

hey whats up guys i just need some help on decideing between pc or the new consoles the only reason i want a console is because of destiny a game i am really excited for and all my friends play on console. bu theres also some games i want thats only on pc like elder scrolls online and also i have been playing on pcs since i was a kid i play wow when i was like in grade 3 anyways guys help me decide

Both just use your current pc

sony thinks the ps4 is the most powerfull pc ever...i lol ed so hard http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bQAT1nn8yo

I believe this coming generation will belong to PC's, sadly we will still have to deal with the fact that some games will be exclusive to consoles.

We'll always have to deal with that. Definitely go for PC, find some new PC friends.

well my current pc is crappy it has a pentuim d and a gt 210 

for a cheap upgrade buy an A8-CPU/GPU and a 6670, run them in crossfire for cheap good performance.

PC as primary then get the consoles when the prices drop.

It's looking like the next gen consoles are going to be closer to PC programing wise so ports shouldn't take as long so just wait for the ports of multi format games and enjoy paying less for your PC games while you wait for the console price drop.

if u can ill get both so u can get best of both worlds 

well i am saveing up for a pc so i cant buy anything so yeah