PC on planes?

Hi guys,

Thinking of coming from the UK to attend LANSyndicate, because you know....I can. now the question is this, do you guys who fly with your PC have it as carry on or do you feel safe putting it in the hold?

Also any suggestions for a Mini ITX PC build ?


Ultirian Heavy Industry :)

I believe it is possible to have a PC as a carry on, though your laws may vary. I personally would not put a PC into the check in, cause that is sketchy as all balls.

Below is my little toy PC, the specs are obviously limited on that rig, but the case can handle much more. Just remember to secure your GPU if you are sending it to check in (or even carry on). Linus has a great video on the case where he sticks basically the most expensive parts possible into it.


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I have traveled by checking ATX builds in the past, but now recognize how unbelievably reckless that was. Unless you're willing and able to fully insure your luggage, I would highly recommend either carrying on a mini ITX or shipping a larger rig ahead via a reputable carrier.

If you decide to go ITX, there are tons of options. @JokerProductions has just shared his RVZ02 build for LS, which will be great. This is kind of a mid-high range ITX build.


Logan also built a fairly rugged system a couple of years ago. You'd have to update the internals a bit, but something like this could also work. Beware that the PC-TU100 doesn't have great thermals, so you wouldn't want to jam a high-TDP card in there.


You could go higher-end all the way up to 5960X + R9 295X2 or lower-end all the way down to something like an APU-only system and still have a good time. It's really up to you and what kind of performance you want, and on what budget. If you can narrow it down a bit, we might be able to give you more concrete suggestions.

I'm not familiar with UK carry-on luggage restrictions, but in my experience traveling through Europe, anything sub-20L that isn't too bizarrely shaped will probably fit in an overhead compartment. Silverstone, Cooler Master, Lian Li, Fractal Design, and Antec all have suitable options, and then there is the whole world of boutique ITX cases. Something larger, like a BitFenix Prodigy, is probably not a good idea.

To echo @VXAce above, air cooling is likely to cause you fewer problems at security, and it's good to detach both your CPU cooler and GPU from the motherboard before the flight, and to add some cushioning if possible.

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Also, "Ultirian Heavy Industry" sounds fucking awesome.

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Hello Guys,

Many thanks for your replies, I think I am starting to form some picture in my head on what can be done, I was hoping to take my Zotac GTX970 out of my main PC and bang that in the case, Joker Productions case choice looks like a safe bet for that. :) allthough I do like the SilverSton​e SG13B @VXAce was sporting.

Have any of you guys used the A10? I have been using my AMD FX8350 for ages now and it works so well with most things I throw at it with 16gb DDR3 1333 Ram and the GTX970 I cant see me needing more horsepower then that (I kept up with all the changes up untill the release of PCI express and AMD FX Range and then went afk from specs). People say I should try intel processors though.

@VXAce Many thanks, its a name I made up myself and use it for my silly attempts at youtuve videos and other various nibblets of projects I do.

Thanks again for your replies guys, very helpfull :)

Word of warning, Joker's case only takes SFX PSUs, its the one and only ""issue" with those cases. You can't take a pre-existing machine and pop it in with a new mobo.

If you toss a rig together in the SG-13 series, take your time and do it properly, study the case and other videos on it. I've seen people complaining about it (people who have not built in it) saying that cable management and whatever is impossible and an utter mess. But if the builder takes the time to plan every step out, its not an issue. It's a concern for high TDP machines, but not really low TDP.

I don't have too much work with A10 on iGPU, but it should be a decent chip if you have a good GPU (which you clearly do). I worked with them for cheap ass CAD workstations, and they perform okay on the iGPU for that. CPU power is a little lacking if you have a single thread game on the scale of ARMA or Planetside 2 and every MMO fucking ever. I got Planetside 2 to run on one with a GTX 5xx though, so not too bad. Just build for what you need, at worse you will have slightly lower framerates... People can toss around "BUY INTEL 'CAUSE BETTER" all they want.

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I would defiantly have it as carry on luggage,
I have seen first hand how the baggage handling people dont give a fuck and through bags ect. one of my mates put a surfboard as his luggage they snaped it in half then told him it was not there problem...

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