PC not power on after lack of power for a second (RM 550)

Hi guys


I have very weird problem with my newest buid (ASRock z97 Extreme4/i3 4340/R9 270/Corsair RM 550). I accidently unplugged PC from the wall when it was on. After i plugged it back in it didnt start. Diode on mice was glowing and PC took about 8,9 W from the wall. It's strange because my cp take about 2W when shut down. After I switch off PSU (switch near power plug) for about 30 to 60 seconds and switch back on PC took no more than 2W from the wall and it turn on just like it should. 


To make shure that it wont hapen again I shut down this PC and switch of PSU for a split second and ... PC didnt power on even tho mice LED kick in just as always. After i switch of PSU for 60 seconds and switched it back on PC powerd on as normal.


What is going on ? I think that PSU is bad or I might breaki it by unpluging it when system was runing, Have anyone from you seen something like this. How to fix it ? Or should I give it back to Corsair to fix it. BTW Its Corsair RM 550 PSU. I would be deaply gratefull for any help. And sorry for poor english.


Thanx in advance.

It's the oversurge/undertension protection system doing it's work. It prevents a sudden drop in voltage to 'brown out' and damage the components. I've got a Corsair HX750W.

It happens to me too when the power goes out in the house or somethin. The PSU won't start up immediately, it will wait a few seconds to start resupplying power to the system, after discharging to ground.

IMHO you're ok, don't worry, in no way you can damage a PSU by just unplugging it. :)

But, if you're using some sort of cheap Wattmeter on the power socket, I'd suggest you remove it. Those things, especially the cheap ones, do cause issues at power distribution, they overheat, clip the AC curve, mess with frequency and stable tension... They are good for a spot mesure, nothing more. Do not keep it in there all the time, just when you really want to know your Power Consumption at the socket. 

Thanks for help. I wouldn't be that worry if this wasn't so uncomfortable. After lights out PC can sit with electricity for more than 10 minutes and it won't turn on. In order to turn it on I have to turn off PSU switch for minute to even 6 minutes and then when I switch it on it starts normal. After normal shutdown PC starts as it should problem occurs only when power is completely gone even for split second. I have RM 750 and I have never witnesses something like that. 


Maybe I should claim warranty. 

Well, you'd have any right to contact Corsair directly and ask them they're opinion on this. They might send you a new PSU just for peace of mind, since it MIGHT be a problem with the grounding system. 

Try and send them an email, see what they tell you. :)

Thats good idea.