Pc not posting AGAIN

Ok last night I had a big problem with my computer not posting or beeping, I fixed it by putting the jumper on the 2 correct pins and it went into BIOS fine from then. Today I come back ready to install windows 7, I bring my montior from downstairs into my room and plug it in, turn computer on...and 'no signal'...again.

My computer does a short beep when it turns on and everything seems fine, I'm guessing it's a really obvious mistake I have made and it's causing this problem but I don't know what it is, could you guys help me please?

I'm using a DVI - VGA adapter to my monitor.

it is a gigabyte z77, am I correct?

No it's MSI 970A-G46

ok, i'll check your bio, different manufactuers use different bios, and they all have different beep codes

Yesterday it beeped once on POST aswell and it worked fine 

yep, as I suspected, it's AMI bios

dram refresh failure


The ram was working yesterday though 

well, it's not anymore..... I would just RMA the mobo and find somwhere to test the ram