Pc Noob In Need of Help


I need to know something should I just buy a whole another PC or should I build on this? Could you also post some of the parts needed? Thanks. P.S. I also record and render my gameplay

That PC won't handle anything asides from minesweeper.

What is your budget?

I say for now $350 because I'm getting a ps4 to play with my friends.


It's going to have to be an APU build then...


In the future, dish out $80 and get a Radeon HD 6670, and run it in CrossfireX with the APU. 

What are your performance goals and budget? If you were to build a whole new PC, that would probably cost you between $300-$400 to get roughly similar performance to what you have now. An alternative, and perhaps the better option would be to upgrade what you have now. 

If you have room for it (and I don't see why you wouldn't), I would add this graphics card.

You will also need to upgrade your power supply, and I think this would be a good choice.

These two parts would cost you a total of $175 and you would probably have better performance than if you were to spend twice that building a whole new system.

Also, keep in mind that if you build, you will need an operating system. If you don't have a copy of windows laying around, you wil either have to dish out $90 for a copy or obtain it through other means. If you have to pay for a new copy of windows, I don't think you could afford to build a new computer on your budget.

I could use my old hard drive right? With all these where does it put me in terms of specs?

Tell your friends to get gaming computers, and use the money you would have spent on the ps4 to get a better machine.

If your stuck on getting a ps4 though, at least tell us what you plan on doing with the computer