PC Newbie, help ;-;

Well guys, I'm tird of consoles. So I sold my ps3, and with some extra hard work I was able to muster up about $500. So, this is my budget. I'd like to share what I'd like to build, and ANY help would be appreciated... Any.

Here's my plan: http://pcpartpicker.com/user/Connman/saved/1rBe

Now, I chose the 750W because I plan on getting a new CPU and a 7950 in the future. 

Please feel free to edit and give your opinion, I needz the constructive critisism. Oh, and any tips for building? :)

Do you neetithe DVD drive because much stuff you can download now adays

Well, yes, I'm going to have to install Windows 7 by disc. Besides, I don't mind if I go a liiiittle over budget. ;D

Well, it looks pretty good, I'm not sure about the Biostar motherboard, I've never used a biostar but I would still like to recommend an ASUS or Gigabyte motherboard instead. 


 Also, you may want to consider simply buying a Radeon 6670 when you have a bit of extra money in the short term to boost the graphical performance of the rig.  I know my brothers A8 with a Sapphire 6670 (DDR5) is pretty dang powerful for the ~$550 I put into it.  Would give your rig a boost at least until you can upgrade to a more powerful build.


Also note that the $511 price on your build is only if you get all your rebates....which I wouldn't count on.


2) you can get a lot more out of your computer by going with this build


3) the psu you choose was WAAAAAY overpowered you'd be wasting lots of power.