Pc monitor

So i am looking for a screen in the near future, and i want a really good one! BUT it has to be compatible with a wall mount! Haven't found any yet due to lack of information. 

I currently have an old Samsung SyncMaster T240 which imo has grown tired in the colors. 


The type of screen i am looking for is good for looking at for many hours(IPS), since i produce music. I do occasionally play AAA games etc, so colors must be rich-ish as-well.

The price could lay in the 500$ span. 


Ratio 16:10 preferred or something similar,  higher ratio. I don't mind ultra wide screens, but i don't like when it looks weird.

You will have a hard time finding a monitor that isn't compatible with wall mounts (i.e. doesn't have a VESA mount).

For $500 there are some decent 1440p IPS panels. For example, Asus PB278Q.

Nice screen, but perhaps below 500$ would be nice :)
Idunno, stuff in Denmark are very expensive compared to other places. that screen cost around 650$ here. 

Check LG 29UB65, i have this one and I am really happy with it. You can rotate it, its VESA compatible and UHD 21:9 is great for music creation.

Can you post a link to a store or a search engine for stores in Denmark so that I can find you a good model with a decent price?

Is it just me, or does it look smaller compared to other screens, but like really wide?

Yes, its 21:9 ratio - ultra wide screen. Max resolution 2560x1080. 73cm across

It has the width of a 1440p screen with a height of a 1080p one. There's literally 0 reason to get it when you can buy a 1440p one, which is strictly bigger.

Sounds something i could use yea.

How about BenQ GW2765HT?

I myself have Philips 272C4QPJKAB/00 and it's fairly good while cheaper than most.

Note in the filter where is says Lig. means equal. The rest shoud be pretty straight forward. 

Did look at the ASUS ROG SWIFT PG278Q, but i'll have to save up a lot more money for that one..

So here's the thing that I have.


I personally like it a lot, the only issue is extremely shitty stand (that you don't need). 


This one is also fairly good, judging from reviews.

Rest of models withing 3000 kr price range are either not that good or don't have any reputable reviews.

Ok cool :) I'll look into it!

You don't really want a 27" TN panel.

I can tell you more about Philips one if you are interested in getting it.

I think i'm going for a resolution around 2560x1440, but wide as-well.

I'll just read about it, but thank you :) Although you can tell details from your own experience.

Yea i know. Got a 24" TN panel now. An old one too! But they say that the new ASUS rog monitor perform just as well, as an IPS panel, while still getting the option to have 144Hz refresh rate.

But i should just go for a cheaper solution, and get myself a IPS monitor  

+ Very little backlight bleeding (can't see it during normal usage at all). [May also be just a good unit.]

+ Good color reproduction and contrast

- Poor performance out of box (needs some manual calibration which is not that hard to perform). In my case, white point was noticeably yellow so I had to reduce red and green values, and well, gamma is never right on uncalibrated screens. I can provide you with software and instructions on how to do this.

+ Anti-glare coating is good

= Response time seems to be same as other similar IPS panels

= Built-in webcam and microphone are decent (built-in speakers are bad)

 - Stand is tilt-only and is very flimsy