Pc monitor help!


I have built a Beast PC with a high end AMD GPU, so it has Eyefinity (3 Screen Setup).
And I was wondering whether it would be better if I got 2 x 19.5" (1600x900 5ms) monitors AND a big 24" monitor (1920x1080 1ms) --- OR --- 3 x 22" (1920x1080 5ms).

I my opinion the 3 x 22" would look better as a setup and would work better with the AMD Eyefinity.
However, I do like the idea of having a big 24" monitor to play on and then 2 x 19.5" monitors at the side - although this wouldn't be as compatible with the AMD Eyefinity.

They all cost the same price as a set and they take up roughly the same space.

If you would be able to tell me which you would go for and why, I would very much appreciate it.


4K or Ultrawide in whatever budget you can go to, not 3 separate poor quality monitors.

25" 2560x1080 as the minimum but these are very small.

What's your budget?

Also 900p on a desktop display? Just no man, don't do such a thing to yourself

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just go 1080p. I don't think that 3 monitor gamimg will satisfy over time because you have to move your head all the time. I like having a second monitor for watching videos while gaming. Or just get a 34" 21:9 monitor

How about one of those 40" 4K monitors Wendell has been raving about?

My budget is £200-300. And, are you saying to go for 1080p monitors?

How about 3x21,5" freesync monitors?
AOC G2260VWQ6... £95 each, 1080p 50-75Hz freesync range, 1ms response, low blue light for less eye strain...
Or you can go for standart 1080p screens 60hz...
But I think similarly sized screens will be better...

Would 3 x AOC e2270Swn be any good. They don't have 1 ms repsonse time but I think 5ms will be enough. They are also cheaper.

They would... You may also be able to probably get 24" 1080p... But you have high end AMD GPU, as you said. This is why I offered you the freesinc option, available for your budget. AOC also have 24" freesync for 124£...
My main idea was the freesinc option. You can easily go for non freesync one...

I'd suggest either a 1440p 144Hz display

or for a bit more you can get a 4k display, both are free-sync

It's probably not worth it to go for a triple monitor set up really

Id get two 21.5 1080p IPS panels and down sample from 4k

What GPU do you actually have? In another topic you supposedly have a 280x. Was a while ago.

I would recommend getting 3 screens that are from the same manufacturer and with small bezels (if possible).
I run 3 x Dell U2414H screens and for gaming they're great! (running on a GTX 780Ti)

£300? then this

put black electrical tape over the red...

Just a thought ! ever considered a 39/40; just great for immersion ! I personally tried eyefinity with 3 40 s and ended up trying 2 and finally , 1 monitor was the best ! and much less of a hassle for colour balancing, no bezel, and mainly no twisting of my head !
Just a Thought !
happily I am the second one to have that great idea ! :-)