PC Mobo And Cpu Upgrade


I was interested in getting more performance out of my pc and i am interested in upgrading my CPU witch right now is a AMD 6300 and i find that its not a well binned chip and simply is the bottle neck of my pc.

http://au.pcpartpicker.com/p/xXFcVn this is what it currently is but the psu is 650W size i could not find that size in pc part picker.

PSU i never knew was dodgy as when i upgraded the GPU a guy at a pc part shop recommended it and said it will work so i think i got a little problem their witch may explain the why its unstable in Intel burn in.

So my buget is around 400 AU dollars i can go a little over but not too much.

If you wanted to be budget friendly you could go with the FX-8350, which will be an improvement although you still may encounter small bottlenecks in certain games. The 8350 would do just fine on the motherboard you have so you wouldn't have to buy a new board which would be nice for your wallet, but if you really wanted to eliminate the few remaining bottlenecks the 8350 would have and at the same time jump to a newer platform with more upgrade-ability then I suggest maybe the Intel 4690k: http://au.pcpartpicker.com/p/3ydpWZ though it and the motherboard is about 25 dollars over your budget...

i will probably wait till October for newer cpus and cause that's when i have a little more cash to spend on these sort of things.