Pc Issues really confused please help!

Hello guy i was wondering if i could have some help with my random pc issue i had last saturday. I was playing a game with my friend when i randomly lost signal to my monitor. So i had reset my pc still same issue. So i took some parts out to troubleshoot still nothing. later on i tried again and it randomly started working again. i have checked the event viewer which shows on Saturday me turning my pc on and off because it says unexpected loss of power so my pc was booting into windows just no signal on the monitor. i am assuming this could be my gpu but it seems fine now and i kinda thought if the gpu was bad it wouldn't boot into windows. i am just really confused on what could have caused the issue since the event viewer shows i had booted into windows and then pressed the power button. Please help me out my pc has only been running for about 14 days since i built it, so i don't know what hardware could have gone bad. i know it is not my monitor either because i had tested it immediately with my friends pc. Not sure if i am in the right thread sorry.


8gb gskill ram

gpu- asus direct cuii gtx 760

asus m5a99fx r2.0 motherboard

corsaor cx 600 power supply

Make sure you have the newest drivers for the card and if the issue still persist roll back one or two drivers. You might want to scan the registry for faulty or corrupt files/changes. Use CCleaner.

Do some heavy testing. Run the kombuster from MSI afterburner and Prime95 or similair software. First run  seperate and then both. Just to see if it is an issue with power or the card itself. 

If the issue persist you might want to erase all remaining pieces of the old driver, run Driver Fusion in safe mode and remove the Nvidia driver. Reinstall with either new or old driver for your card.

It did happej when the new drivers came out for nvidia so that could be the issue. I will check those things out when I get home.