Pc isn't starting, really need some help =)

A couple of days ago i restarted my pc due to a game that i couldnt close, but it stopped at "windows is shutting down" so i waited about 10 minutes and then i shut it down myself. That probably wasnt the best idea and now my computer cant start. When i try to start it windows reccomends "startpreparation" but that doesnt work either. all the normal alternatives you would get like safe start and those things are gone for some reason so its either startprep or normal, normal stops at "windows is starting" and startprep stops at some blue vista background or something.

i really need help here so ill tell you everything you need to know to help me.

also should i repost this on another topic to get help easier?

Thanks in advance =)

Do you have an installation disk?  If you do - boot with it in the drive and perform a repair installation.


Yes but when i put it in nothing happens, maybe i need to get to the dashboard first?

Ok as soon as you power on your pc, hit Delete to get into the BIOS.  Open your dvd drive and put in the installation disk.  Go to your boot menu and select boot order to boot from dvd drive first.  Exit BIOS and you should get a prompt that says "Hit Enter to boot from Disc" or something along those lines.  When it loads up select Repair my Windows Installation.

thanks ill try that when i get home. =)