PC is using 7.8GB of 8GB of RAM, please help

Sorry if this this the wrong forum. PC is barely functional. 



What the hell are you running in the background to use all that ram? Do you have prime95 running in the systray or something....

Does this happen on its own upon a fresh boot/restart? If it does then you need to look at the startup apps etc, and cleaning your system of malware so forth.

Really need more info champ.

Find the program that is using it and terminate it. If you have to, Boot into safe mode. 9/10 there is a program using that RAM.

Go to "processes" tab and find out which one of them is using up so much memory. Seeing your cpu is barely 5%, it's a single process. End it. 


No idea, it was working fine before I started downloading BF3's premium content

It still does it on a restart.



Someone on another forum said I have too much non paged pool memory.

go to the performance tab and select memory there

show us another screenshot

You have Origin installed on your PC? That's the problem dude. Origin is a plague upon the gaming community that completely balls-up your OS with a very high rate of success.

I did another reboot and it seems to be fine right now. Only 1.7/8.0 is in use. I had restarted 2 previous times and it didn't fix the problem.


The only thing I did today was

-I played a few rounds of BF3

-I started the download for the premium maps(I thought I had already downloaded them after my 9 hour update yesterday)

-I went to sleep

-Came back to the PC and it was running like this


I know it sucks, but EA does make some games I enjoy. If it weren't for games like Battlefield, I could have just bought a Dell or HP desktop.

It was Origin most likely. If the connection gets interrupted while downloading soemthing, it goes batshit crazy and has to verify all the data it downloaded until that point. That's probably why your HDD was also at 100%. 

I found this thread:



Seems like it is an issue with Origin/Battlefield 3. Their thread doesn't really delve into a solution. Anyone here know of a fix?

Not really man, I cant help. All I know is I avoid those notorious DRM software programs like it's raging herpaciphalitis.

Eh, I wish I could, but I wanted to play Battlefield. I know Skyrim requires you have Steam on your PC right?

Those were my two favorite console games, next to Red Dead Redemption. And I've wanted to try Skyrim with mods and BF with 60+ players.

Steam rarely, if ever balls anything up for me. 

Same with Origin actually, but I know origin has it's issues, and origin is more of a "rarely" than an "if ever". 

However, I have yet to run BF3....even though I've owned it for quite a while. Oh well.

You got the bf3 bug. Just uninstall the game and everything goes back to normal.

Let's be honest, when has steam ever freaked out for not being able to access the internet for a duration of time longer than 6 hours? Steam's DRM is far less invasive than that horrible pile of coding EA slapped together and sharpied the name Origin onto.