PC is not detecting my GPU please help

I just build my new PC and got everything up and running I installed all my drivers from my motherboard and also the drivers that came with my GPU, I also got on saphhires website and downloaded the most recent driver. I am not sure why it will not detect it. I am new to building but I would think if I did not install the GPU correctly I would have no picture at all but I do I am using the PC now. The only video driver it detects is a windows driver. If anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate them.

Motherboard: ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0.

CPU: AMD FX 8350 4.1GHZ

RAM: G.Skill Sniper Series DDR3 2133MHZ (8GB's)


Heatsink: CORSAIR H60

OS: Windows 8 Pro

If any other information is needed just let me know.

What do you mean? If you have a picture on your screen, how is your computer not detecting your GPU?

Try removing the 7870XT, booting - making sure everything works. Then, reinstall the 7870XT (with everything turned off, of course), boot, but enter the BIOS. Make sure the BIOS recognizes that there is a GPU. Set everything accordingly (select it as the main video device, etc.) and try to post/boot. Make sure that the video cables, be it HDMI or DVI, or whatever, are plugged into the graphics card, not the motherboard video-out. See if that helps - cheers :)


Brennan Riddell

Built-in graphics on the 8350.

Also, for future reference, always get your video drivers from here: http://www.amd.com/us/Pages/AMDHomePage.aspx

Lol, what? The FX-8350 doesn't have built-in graphics, and neither does the motherboard.

I can not boot without the GPU my motherboard does not have on board video. To make the situation worse my computer is not letting me into the BIOS I either get a blank screen or I get a very distorted screen. If I get the blank screen upon trying to get into the BIOS it will just set there and if I get the distorted screen it will set there for a moment and then it will boot my OS. I already called ASUS on the matter and the guy was a dick and did not help me.

I got my BIOS running, one other concern I can not tell if my water cooling is running, it only has two connectors one for the fan and one for the pump. I am concerned as to what temperature my CPU should be at? What is pretty average for a CPU like mine? Celcuis and Fahrenheit?

I still don't understand why you think your computer doesn't detect your graphics card. Clearly it does detect it, otherwise you wouldn't be getting a picture.

As for temperatures, you usually want to keep an AMD CPU below 60C. You could probably push it to 70C, but definitely no higher than that.

It's working, I knew it was working or I would not have picture I believe I stated that earlier but that did not change the fact my PC chose not to use the drivers I wanted for the 7870, however somehow I got it to work. Thanks for all your help!

I was only worried about the temperature because when I got into my UEFI BIOS it showed the temps and it was 95F & 32C and the 95 on the Fahrenheit had me worried a bit. But the 32C seems to be under what you were saying.

Yeah, 32C is a perfectly acceptable temperature. Most CPUs are around that at idle.

When you downloaded the sapphires drivers did they have a 'special' driver for the 7870 XT (Tahiti)? I am thinking about getting one but not sure about Sapphire.