PC Hardware Hall Of Fame

So PC World created their Hardware Hall Of fame.

They chose 3 pieces of hardware:
Intel 8086
Nvidia GF 8800 series
IBM Model M
So I thought about it and while I agree with 8086 and Model M, I kinda disagree with 8800 series. It’s a Hall Of Fame. It’s about historical technologies, so I would say GF256 is a better choice than 8800… But if I have to pick one thing to replace 8800 I would chose the SSD revolution. It’s so much faster and quieter and better in every possible aspect.

So that made me think: What 3 things would you put in your personal Hardware Hall Of Fame?
No fanboyism if possible, please…



  • is what became the ram we use today it was the start of the idea that volatility in computers was ok

the apple II

  • the boom in personal computers as a whole would not be pushed as fast as it was today w/o the apple II getting sold as well as it did


  • thunderbolt imo pushed usb to actually start making the connection faster and more useful beyond its slow iteration usb barely evolved before 2011. now we can’t keep up with all the editions 3.2v2x2 crap and thunderbolt pushing the standards of external connectivity and expansion

Membrane keyboard
ZIF socket

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Geforce 256. I had one in 2000 from Elsa. I mean, I still have.

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