PC good enough to run Star Citizen?

Is my PC good enough to run star citizen at an acceptable frame rate on high settings? So like 60+FPS and high settings


Obviously I’d be downloading it to the m.2 ssd

What resolution?

Perhaps @kewldude007 can help, he’s a sucker too


I’d reckon so, depending on whats happening around you in the universe, performance may dip sometimes but with my 980ti and 4790k I’m always around 50 fps


What settings are you running? And is 16 GB ram enough? Also like you said earlier I will be running 1440p so there also that to take into consideration

Thanks for the help so far, also I don’t see you around often enough in the ACC, I feel like you were more active in the old anime lounge

Lorville seems CPU heavy. A 9700K at above 5Ghz and a RTX 2080 should do for 1440p. Though if you have the money for a ship, you can get an RTX TITAN and 9900K.

With my 7850k+R7 250 I run allot of games most forums say should not run.
Still waiting on a game good enough to justify an upgrade


And then you upgrade to a 2200G and will be set until the end of DDR4.

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I cant tell if you’re serious or not


My Ryzen 1700x, 32 gigs ram, 1060, and Samsung SSD does alright.