Pc goes off

Hi my pc:
10850K stock 4800mhz stock Kraken X73 good temps
2x16 GB DDR4 GSKILL 3000mhz XMP
Seasonic Tx-850 Ultra Titanium
Gigabyte Rtx 3090 Gaming OC
Aorus Z490 Pro Gaming

I bought machine and plugged in march 2021. No single issue,no reboots,no shutdowns. I played all games for many hours,no issues. Today…i launched Metro Exodus and after cinematic part pc just shutdown. I rebooted again and its fine again.Happened when gpu load change from 0% to 99%.

My question is. It was psu issue or maybe other hardware?

I go to neighbourhood and ask about power ,but they had power in this time. So propably not power outage for 1 sec?

I remember that when pc goes off ,case lights flickered once and monitor flickered. That not happens when i shutting down manually.

i am running now game and no shutdowns. Happened today once. Also i have pc until march 2021 and thats like today never happened.

Thermal issues with your CPU or GPU are my primary suspicions. Next in line would be RAM but I would expect random reboots outside of gaming as well.

I’d install HWMonitor and run it during your next gaming session to rule out a thermal issue

temps was ok

If lights flicker you probably have a power issue, are you connected to a ups?, You aren’t on a power strip with anything else besides a monitor are you?

No heaters, ac or refrigerators on the same fuse?

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but the lights of pc case flickered

Had similar issues around ten years ago. IIRC, my PSU was not strong enough to handle the power spikes of the GPU, so I could game just fine… Until I hit a specific scene in, I think, Battlefield 3. Then it just went Poof.

So, it is possible your 3090 Gaming OC spikes more than necessary.

The 10850k can draw up to 300W, the 3090 draws at least 360W, but your OC model probably closer to 450W. That only leaves 100W for the rest of the system (pumps, fans, harddrives…)

So, my best guess is that a particularly demanding title will draw too much power in your system, just the way it is.

I just as a hunch would say it’s your PSU, not that it is faulty, but its only 850w for an Intel system and a 3090. They both draw pretty high amounts of power with eintel being egregious in the under estimation when you load up the CPU.


I had laptop connected to other power cord but laptop doesnt go to battery mode in this moment ( i checked event logs ). Also router plugged to wall dont disconnect internet. And my question is. It was so short power outage for a brief second that only pc went off or it was my psu? Thank you.

But when pc shutdown i saw pc case bottom lights flickered for 1 second.Also monitor flickered for a moment ( flickered for 1 second,10 seconds after shutdown maybe ).

All working fine no shutdowns actually. I tested all games no issues now.

It was likely OCP, Over Current Protection, because the 3090 is known to cause this. 850 is probably only just enough to deal with a 3090 and a high end Intel system. So any momentary burst of power usage…

Say during a game… Where it might have just run a very hard scene.

Again I say it is probably your PSU.


So I am a bit confused. Everyone is saying that it is likely the psu with a problem…but they are also saying if it was the PSU’s over current protection, then I would HAVE to switch the flip in the back. I don’t have to flip switch. Are you all sure ocp will FORCE you to flip switch, and that’s not just some brands ways of handling it?

I have never had this happen myself so cannot tell you what happens to reset it, and even if I did I have a very different PSU that might not be the same. The best I can advise for you is to look up the manual and see if it states how it deals.with OCP trips.

Though I was under the impression that it is internal self resetting tripping, so i would like to know too for sure now.

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Someone with the same PSU had to switch. I dont have to to switch. So maybe it was not that OCP issue in my situation

Case lights flickering and monitor is way more likely their left over capacitors bleeding out (discharging) in a kind of UGHHHH BLLLAAAAAAAAAAAH electrical vomit its generally harmless unless its exactly at the same time as your PC unintentionally powers off. That is to say when you yourself switch it off and the lights got a bit batty thats a problem but if it crashes and then goes batty its quite probably the power supply being a bit suspect.

Its really hard to know with certainty if your PSU is the problem but you being able to note that its a low GPU usage to high GPU usage that appears to trigger this is a gigantic clue. Its not the GPU’s fault its been setup on a hardware level to do this race to sleep shit so it will run as hard, hot, and intense as it can until its able to go back to idle. Only thing is most games don’t want the GPU idle they want a kind of wave of intensity with a tsunami for the extra special fancy pants bits so it won’t get the chance to go idle.

Try this. Find some software that can limit your frame rates. Try zero cap, 60 or vsync cap, half that, half that again. If she has a lock up or anything below 60 fps or half vsync its probably your power supply struggling to supply a nutty butty insano 3090 that just wants 350+ watts from a psu that can’t (for whatever reason) deliver it.

May be momentary PSU overcurrent protection (I agree with @notnot ). The 3090 is a very hungry card.

My Vega 64 cards will trip that on an 850 watt PSU due to momentary power spikes. Officially they were ok for a 750, but … transient spikes. Even on “stock” power/clock settings. Linux really wasn’t stable with it (no real driver power control at the time); in windows I could just set the driver to balanced performance profile which helped a heap.

Try setting your PSU to single rail (helped with mine), or upgrade your PSU. The irony is, the “better” your PSU is for overcurrent protection the more likely it is to be tripped up by this stuff if it is borderline not powerful enough, or the GPU has severe transient loads.

Try limiting power on your 3090 to see if that helps if you can’t swap the PSU out or change the rail configuration on it.

Based on my experience with “300 watt” cards, if the 3090 is at all subject to transient spikes I’d suggest that 850 watts is either extremely borderline for stable operation with that card, or inadequate for coping with transients.

TLDR: your power supply isn’t big enough is my bet. This is the exact sort of random power down behaviour it will cause when GPU gets hit hard.

how bad transients can be - I could run 2x Vega64 in windows in crossfire with early drivers. at some point with more recent drivers the transient power spikes got so bad that I couldn’t run one card reliably without tripping OCP.

So yeah, this sort of thing can get better/worse with driver changes too.

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if lights start flickering its a power issue, either the vrm’s on the motherboard. the psu or the wall. something is giving dirty current.

saying as your monitor flickered also i would think its the wall. maybe another device on that ring main has a dirty power switch. so when it comes on it causes a power spike in the rest of the ring.
power spikes should trip self protection which means you would have to power the system down completely and turn the psu off at the switch. give it 30 seconds to drain residual power.
and power on.

if its consistent to one game then turn all the settings apart from the screensize to low and limit the fps to 60. try again.
if its a load problem the game should play on low settings.
if thats the case then i would look at the psu. can it handle the load spikes quick enough. i know its 850w but it still might not be enough for sustained peak load for that gpu.(or it might be faulty)

lastly make sure the cooling profile is active in power settings disabling it will cause the system to throttle rather than spinning up the fans. so just check it to see that its active.

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Ok but someone here with the same PSU had the shutdown. And he said:" have to reset the PSU at the switch to get my system back. "

But i dont have to reset my PSU ,pc started normally when i pressed power button without resetting psu at the switch.

So i think it was not overcurrentprotection,then?

johny guru explain me this :"You’re confused because you’re talking to people that don’t understand the problem.

Its not OCP. It’s a design issue. It doesn’t latch the PSU. It only let’s go of the power good signal. That’s why you don’t have to power cycle.

You need a different PSU for your 3090."

I have mine pc since 2021 march and never had single shutdown in games or when starting games.
But first time it happened 4 days ago, right after start Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition,in advertisement part before main menu. Monitor turns black,and pc shutted off. I saw fast flicker of case lights and pc turned off.
To start pc i presset power button and its ok. Happened first time that thing. Also monitor flickered too for a moment after 10 seconds after shutdown.

So after this i tested for many hours that games and shutdown not repeated:
2.Metro Exodus Enhanced ( in game and main menu load )
3.Crysis 1.3 remastered
4.Quake 2 Rtx
5.Watch Dogs Legion
6.Cyberpunk 2077
7.3dmark all tests
8.Battlefield 5

Weird that it happened only once when launching Metro. Heh

It’s not overcurrent protection getting triggered.
That causes complete shutdown of PSU needing power cycling to clear it.
I don’t have to flip switch.

Bedroom? Living room / home office / or apartment? Old or new build?

I ask this because I had to redo the wiring in my house because sold core copper wire was fucking shit for high end PC components in 2006. I actually used to get problems with my dual GeForce 7950 GX2 setup and Athlon x2 4800+ (thats 4 graphics cards baby and it was shit, and pretty nice for the time dual core Athlon 64) where I was pulling about 500 watts from a wall socket and wiring that was never intended for anything more than a hundred watt lightbulb.

If the answer to any of my questions is yes and its an old house try this goofy ass suggestion. Put the PC in your kitchen, the ring or ring circuit in old kitchens is usually OTT because people would have had oodles of high power devices they’d want to use. Things like microwaves, food processers and mixers, counter top ovens and so on. Mad suggestion but so is the peak power power consumption of a 10850k.
Oh and even if its a new build home / apartment sometimes its just not done right. Often times an “inspection” is the “inspector” inspector gadgeti’ing it and just confirm that the building and room exists, wall sockets could be painted on for all they’d care.

likely the psu, ive seen more than a couple of builds with that seasonic 850w titanium in with the same complaint. a few on here too.
they also had 3090/3090ti’s
apparently they work fine for a few weeks to a few months, then random off.

so i would start with the psu, go for a 1000w unit and hopefully no more issues.

i think the suggestion is seasonic unit cant switch its peak load quick enough to keep up with the card.