PC Gaming taking over? the local multiplayer problem

Okay, so with the Steambox and the next gen console war and all that crap there is a lot of talk about PC gaming taking over, which I love the idea of, I am always trying to convert my friends (and slowly its been happening) as with a greater market share we will have more power and more studios developing for our platform. But my worry is that for PCs to take over the living room (as valve seem to be hammering on about) we have to get past a few hurdles, to me the biggest of which is local multiplayer.

I love my PC gaming, haven't owned a console in years but I feel left out when it comes to local multiplayer. So many games when ported over omit their local multiplayer abilities which to me sucks, and pc titles (other than indie titles) never seem to have it, so much so that I have 2 pcs set up to game at home. If the pc is to take over, as it rightfully should IMO, its going to have to get past its hatred of local multiplayer, and dare I say it, SPLITSCREEN (ahhh it almost burns). Seriously, I don't want split screen on my 24" monitor, but in my living room on the TV? its different. And jesus christ the amount of us with OP graphics cards and a few monitors? god that would be a beautiful thing to see used properly.

So what do you guys think about this? do you feel as left out as I do? What do you think we could do to influence this?

P.S. always looking for more decent local multiplayer options, feel free to suggest


I never cared about splitscreen and local multiplayer because I never cared about playing one game in the same room as someone else.

Organizing network multiplayer seems like a way more important issue for me, as in having good voice chat in games that require teamwork. For example, right now there's no voice chat whatsoever in League of Legends, and in Battlefield 3, as far as I remember, it only works in parties.

Local multiplayer in AAA games is probably not going to happen often. Forget about multiple screens, only a small minority of people have several monitors or TVs. Development of those features costs money and I don't believe that developers/publishers will be willing to spend money on them unless local multiplayer is the main focus of the game.

I probably only use split screen 3-4 times a year I still think it would be something PC games would benefit from to bring them closer to the living room/console gaming culture.

I know that between me and a few friends we have enough PCs to set up a lan for a gaming evening but when you're trying to get 6+ pcs and monitors into a house you soon start running out of space especially when not everyone has a LAN rig. It's much easier to just set up a couple of consoles and tvs then have everyone bring a pad to play some cod multi player.
Hopefully with PCs wanting to start competing with consoles for living room space and consoles now being closer to PCs we will start seeing a bleed over of features.