PC Gaming Sucks Apparently

I just stumbled across this little gem... I'd love to hear what Logan thinks. 

that was really funny.. but it's pretty clear that he was trolling, just trying to get views on his youtube account.

I know I'm not Logan, but anyone trying to watch it should read what I say first.

I Suggest no one watches the video cause the guy in the video is trolling and tries to get more viewers by hating on PC and saying the only games for PC are minesweeper and the other Windows OS games. He's just an underdeveloped humanbeing who does not know that you can actually connect other controllers from consoles to the PC or that there actually are controllers for the PC. It's a person who can't take a serious conversation who feels he has to hate and yell to get a response. There's no legitimate answer in his mind, just more trolling which is trying to make people annoyed and irritated which, by giving him a response, fills his brainpower with more trolling. It's an everlasting cycle of trolling against you, if you do not ignore him. Its probably funny when you read this, but I'm dead serious with this reading of him. Watch it, but do not give a response in his video. Give a response here if you feel that you need to. I hope the person in the video is not the person who linked it here cause then I've aswell filled the brainpower of the troll and sorry if you are not that person rnzu.

Console gamers know no manners, If you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all

It's not even worth your attention. It's not even worth arguing about.

Jeez, this isn't even a "gem", mate. 

Trollers will always troll. Looks like you fell for it. 

hasn't used a PC since 97... troll

calling a mac a gem... troll

dislikes PC but he hasn't used one in 16 years... troll


Do you know what gives be the shit with the pc vs mac war... the mac users compare the $2000 macs to $500 PC's

I don't know if he is completely clueless or if he is trolling.( as if he is not already totally brain dead.)  But its annoying to hear people put somting down when they don't even know what they are talking about.


besides the fact these video games are coded on pcs and watered down to play on consoles, it must really punch console nerds in the balls to see stuff like this.


Waste of time. Don't give the troll hits. 

I like console gaming. But the attitude from some of those users are plain ignorance.

Agreed... does anyone remember that guy whom wrote an article saying that vista will take up have of you hard drive... and he was using a 40Gb Hard Drive... Yet another Uber-Troll

lol, windows 97.... no such thing....

mmm, lol uber troll...

My head hurts now.