Pc gaming piracy and your thoughts

i love pc gaming it has and always well be better then a shit console but i want it to grow so much but piracy is the issue in thsi factor like the pc version of call of duty black ops 1.1 aka 2 no one cares to buy it they go on kat.ph and download it with a crack please tell me what you think as a pc gamer 

I play on both PC and console, depending on what game I'm playing and (more importantly) who I feel like playing with. The two aren't mutually exclusive.

Tell someone they could spend $2000 on a gaming PC or $300 on an Xbox, and guess which one they're going to get. IMHO, consoles are why gaming has become so mainstream. They're relatively affordable and the community (xbox live or PSN) comes built in.

If someone isn't already a PC power user (not sure what the criteria are for that), they're going to go the easy route... meaning they don't want to spend money on an expensive rig or time to build a custom one.

Also, console games get pirated/bootlegged/traded pretty regularly. It may not be the same piracy that PC game developers deal with, but there are plenty of ways to avoid having to pay for a game.

I'm not as deep into PC gaming as I once was, but it seems like PC gaming is alive and well. Services like Steam and F2P games like Firefall are examples of how to handle piracy in that world.

Now, if you're talking about converting strictly console gamers to strictly PC gamers... (or vice versa) good luck.

The part with "PC gamers pirate games and console players buy games" is crap. You can get the XBOX version of a game on the same site you find the PC version. Consoles are "moded" to run pirated games and they do that just fine. It surprises me how nobody talks about that.

Look at PC exclusive games (mostly RTS like Civilization and StarCraft), they sell millions of copies.

Very true, Modding Xbox 360's to play pirated games used to be really popular. I mean I looked into it a lot when I first got an xbox.. now I could care less. 

Theres basically no demo's for pc games, you have to try it some how before you spend 60 dollars on it. Only time I ever pirate a game.

Althought I've never really done it with "games".. I sometimes do the same with high dollar programs. I honestly don't mind waiting for steam sales to get games I want. There's rarely a game that I would spend 60 bucks on! ha

That's also true. After getting burned with Deus Ex 2 (which was a pile of steaming bull crap), I had to try out Human Revolution but after playing for an hour or so I went on Steam and I bought that baby. I bought the game, the Explosive Pack DLC, The Missing Link DLC, I got all that shit.

The only time I will pirate a game is if I either own the game already on console and want to experiment new ideas or just explore maps without getting bothered by invites by my friends list spamming me or if I want to try a game before I buy it. If I don't like a game, it gets deleted promptly. If I like it, I go to GameStop and buy a copy to support the developers.

I don't think drm will ever get to the point where its un crackble, look at diablo 3 that was hard to crack and still doesn't work fully cracked but all it did was make the experiance for people who bought the game shit.

You also made a point that the only reason halo 4 isnt on pc is becuase of cracking. No its not, not at all. Why should microsoft port halo 4 to pc? it's one of the major reasons people will buy an xbox this year, guess who makes the xbox microsoft and who charges you to play online? microsoft. You may think "but microsoft mad windows" yes they did but they don't make neer as much from windows than xbox. I dont see any pros with console gaming any more (well maybe split screen and exclusives ofcourse(I kept my xbox so I could play halo 4)) you can build a pc that will run games at over 60 fps at 720p like a console for the same price or cheaper. Then in the long run you save way more money with things like Steam sales that are great if you're new to pc gaming becuase you can get older titles that mite have only been released on pc or gamess that where flat out better than the console versions. You mite say that you want a controller? You can plug almost any thing into a pc, I have a xbox pad for platformers and when I just want to relaxe and play borderlands 2. 

You talked about if there wasnt piracy skyrim would have been fully direct X 11 but no thats not it its the consoles that are holding back games, around 5% of computers are limited to direct X 9 so the only thing holding us back are consoles. Now don't think that I don't understand people who buy consoles but I would hope that people will get "smarter" now that the newer generation grows up and know a thing or two about computers can see what is better. 

Also a few points on the video don't just record it at once make shure you're prepared for the video and if you have to use editing so we (the audiance) don't have to listen to you cough and say uhm and things like that.

P.S there mite be some mistaked in the text becuase 1. I have dislexia and 2. its 1 am.

all good points but still stand piracy on pc games need to stop it's getting out of hand and diablo 3 was a let down. the only reason i wanted halo 4 on pc was bigger levels better visuls and better gameplay but on console all games are limited to what they can do which saddens me look at crysis 3 they went so far behond the limits of consoles for the pc version that if i played it i could be amazed and not like crysis 2 where i was wtf is this shit and even with the update to dx11 i was still wtf is this shit cause the total lack of hi res textures and dx11 features. we are in 2012 no longger should we have direct x 9 the world should have moved on from a 12 year old rendering engine but consoles are holding back everything in gaming.pc gaming is very cheap also 400 bucks for a pc can run bf3 on max at 1080p with playable fps if you have not heard the new ps4 will have a apu from amd so it will be able to do advanced graphics but will the new sexbox do the same 

There were tons of DX11 feature in crysis 2

Apparently my friend pirated a game (CSS) (idk why its 10 bucks) and steam found out and took away the pirated game and 3 others for his game library until january

Thats exactly why I do it, I buy games that deserve it, but im not gonna waste 60$ on a game that looked really good on commercial but then failed on the story/graphics/captivation if a game is just boring or I play the game and I think to myself "will I be playing this in a week" and the answer is no then chances are I won't buy it. thanks to skidrows work I have been able to test every game I have and I own 50+ games on steam so piracy isnt bad in that aspect IMO.

well, i don't mind it. i occasionally i do it because im a bit stripped for cash (only 15) but then i end up never finishing the game bacause i'm not motivated enough to put the effort into something i got for free.

i believe the only game that i've played all the way through, that i torrented, was assassins creed brotherhood & that's a good thing, because that tells me that the game was so good that i actually enjoyed playing it

PC Piracy has been around as long as PC gaming has been.  My first copy of Commander Keen came with a text file describing the monsters,the DRM was they used to show you a monster and you had to type the name, which you would find on a certain page of the instruction book.  It's a crappy fact that piracy is around, but it's a fact.  Console piracy has been around in the mainstream, at least since the PSX, you used to get gameswap discs, or those plugin things for the back of the console.  I'm ok with piracy, because it's saved me hundreds of dollars on games I wouldn't want to support,  Without adequate demos, I really have no idea if I want a game or not.

 Not even PC Gamer give you demos like they used to anymore.  

couldn't care less*


I agree that PC piracy is bad, but then again, most pirated games don't have multiplayer, or very limited one at that. This in turn only gives the pirate half or even less of the actual game. If he then likes it, he might buy it to play with his friends, or get his friends to buy it too!

The idea to create 'extreme punishmetns' for trying to crack a game is dumb in its own right - look at Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed 2, the attempt to destroy piracy caused a lot of problems to the paying customers, and in the end it was cracked anyway.

Simply put, game piracy is something companies can only stop by making absolutely amazing games that are worth buying - I myself have to admit that I pirated a lot of games in the past (mainly because I had a very strict allowance and no way to buy things on Steam), but I have bought all the games I truly loved now, so the companies did benefit in the end. The crappy games, however (open to personal opinion of course), won't receive such good responce, and that, I think, is very fair.

The worst thing about gaming these days is the misleading trailers where they put all the amazing cinematics in, and the game doesn't live up to it. THAT is why I tend to pirate a game and play a few levels to see for myself whether it is worth the investment.

I agree that games should be payed.
But there is another problem. Not everyone has so much money to buy all the games, so cracking is only alternative for some. Having the same problem, lots of my games aren't so legal, since i couldn't never afford to buy all the games that i want to play. As for one of my favourite games Minecraft, i payed it and i will never regret the money spent.

I only pay for Multiplayer games.

I don't think piracy is as much an issue as console-first devs would like you to believe. Console gamers are just easier to please and buy into anything and everything.