PC Gaming is coming back!

After spending idk $1000 or so on Xbox's and another $600 on PS3's. I can finally say I'm ready to get into PC Gaming. Im tired of spending so much money on Consoles and not even getting the Satisfactory i can get as that to a PC Gaming Rig.

Some Upcoming Titles I'm Really looking foward to Playing

Borderlands 2

BF 3 Armoured Kill

Dishonored (Been a fan of Bethesda since Morrowind)


I'll be making a Vid soon and showing the results of it once I'm done. :) Won't be a Wallet eating build. I'm sticking in the $700 to $850 range although it might go up with the GTX 660 ti :/

Dishonored is only published by Bethsoft, it's developed by Arkane Studios ;)

The Same people who are working on Elder Scrolls Online. And Doom 4!

Regardless, I've been a fan since their early Games. :)

No. Never ever ever ever ever say that Bethesda is developing Doom 4. That is 100% untrue in every way. id software is making Doom 4. They also made Rage, Doom 3, Doom II, Doom, Quake, Quake II, Quake III, Wolfenstein 3D, Commander Keen, etc.

Please, bad mistake to make. Developer =/= Publisher. Two TOTALLY different places.

From wikipedia*

On June 23, 2009, ZeniMax Media, best known for Bethesda Softworks, acquired id Software and announced that all future id Software games will be published by Bethesda Softworks, Doom 4 being one (in addition to Rage and future Quake titles).

Ok Published. Still if Bethesda is related. I'm Playing it

Did you want some build suggestions?

That still has nothing to do with the development. Also, id games aren't even remotely connected gameplay wise to Bethesda Softworks games.

Juss saiyan.

id makes the games, bethseda makes the boxs and puts the game on a disc and pays for advertisement, i.e. a publisher

I'll Probably post my build suggestions in the proper area like PC Building. Could use some tips :)

ROB I AM SOO WITH YOU THIS BRO,  Im a pc enthusiast and im just now being converted to the pc universe due to the fact that I realised that Ive been robbed of my money since this console generation first begun. Ive spent a total of  $1000 on consoles that promised 1080p resolution and web browsing when my $600 now $300 ps3 can barely load certain web pages. I was brought to my limits when SONY took the ability away to access the standerd YouTube and was replaced with a forced and only available YouTube app made especially for the Ps3, in which i find it extremely  inconvenient to use in regards the fact that theres no qwerty option for faster search browsing, and most of the videos fail to play. Before SONY did this, I had tutorials for building gaming pc's bookmarked and I could easily access them  for learning purpases. One day when  I tried to access one of my vids (via bookmark)   instead of the system going straight to the video, it took me to a screen that required me to download SONY's YouTube app. To make a long story short, I cant access my videos, I have to type in everything manually on their inconvenient version of YouTube. On top of that, a friend told me at gaming conventions, actual gameplay is not demonstrated on the ps3 its self but rather on a high performing pc. It all makes since. Ive been trying desperately in attempts to convert my console buddies to learn to build there own pc but they seem too stubborn. My slogan to them was, "Why sit on your butt playing a gaming system when you can learn to build one?''.  Researching this knowledge has benefited me tremendously, because im passing this knowledge to my younger cousin so that he can work on computers as a career when he becomes an adult. 

I never knew PC gaming went anywhere...

Seriously... lol. PC gaming will never die for as long as there is someone to make games for it, it will live on. Consoles on the other hand have already died in Japan. Its all handhelds and PCs over there.

Shoot in China their making their inmates farm in WOW. Now that's something O_o

The PC market at the moment suffers from a lot of bad/lazy console ports. Buut, it seems like some developers/publishers(yeah publishers do sometimes rush games out before they are ready, or cheap out on funding etc) are coming to the conclusion that the PC market isn't all bad afterall. Strangely enough Squeenix is one of those who seems to be pushing for PC, at least they let the developers work on the PC port in parallel with the console version.. And what they ended up with was a very decent PC game.

edit: talking about Sleeping Dogs there.

Yeah sleeping dogs was awesome, i had a good time. 50 euros is a lot though for the playtime