PC Gaming Desktop

Hello I need a PC Gaming computer I would like an AMD build and a Intel build.

Price range is $1000-1200.

I live in the Dallas, Texas

Preferred Retailer: http://www.frys.com/ac/storeinfo/dallas-location-frys-electronics-hours-maps-directions. If it is easier just look for the products online with pcpartspicker and give me that. I can figure from there.

I already have an OS for it. Needs CD Drive, Wireless card also, Screen (Preferable 21.5 -23 inch), Keyboard, Mouse

Gaming Desktop with Video Editing also but mainly gaming.

No overclock or tubes.

I already have in mind what kind of mouse and keyboard I want so add $100 for keyboard and mouse. If you have any suggestions go ahead and add them in. I play MMO's primarily but never have used a mouse with the keys on the side.

This will be the second time I have built a PC.

Also 1TB HD and a SSD for the OS (and some other apps 100+GB) would be liked.

How much of video editing will this machine be doing?

Program used will be Fraps for recording (Unless there is room for a video capture card) and video camera footage. Vegas Pro is the program going to be used for editing. 1080p footage capture and rendered most likely. Videos ranging from 5-30 Minutes. Anything else?

Amd: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/n7hvqs

ill do an intel build iab

I like it but I have a cheaper case in mind to get it back in the budget range. 

ok what is it

I owned that wifi adapter and it was shit , slower speeds than my 2 year old laptop and worst reception .

Get something better / different , because my experience with that one was not so good .

Corsair 200R $60 On Newegg. Budget up at the top.

I might get a nice external one.

Anyways I was looking at someones elses build and edited it somewhat. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/pX26qs what do you think?

I approve , exept the wifi adapter !

If you want to , try it , but I had a bad experience with it , but you might not .

I was thinking of using of powerline adapter instead of the wireless card. It basically the same price. Is it a good idea though?

It's a great idea, depending on your houses' electrical wiring.

Check to see if your router is in the same breaker circuit, and is close to your computer.  The farther the powerline has to go, or if it has to go through a circuit breaker will be the deciding factor.