Pc Games have to many players

It just doesn't make since, pc gamers should be smarter.

I don't find 18 player 9v9 anything fun. It's not fun to spawn get shot instantly respawn and the same thing happens over and over again. Why is it that pc gamers flaunt there intelligence compared to console gamers but play in such a stupider way? I understand how it's better to have a lot of player in games like Planetside and battlefield. 

12 player ffa in quake isn't fun

18 player CS isn't fun

18 player cod isn't fun


WHY SO MANY PLAYERS ALLOWED , if anything why not split the server into 2 servers with smaller slot maxes. Wat da fak



Because we can. We have the hardware to drive it, and the servers to power it, so why the hell not?

I enjoy large games. MMOs, for crying out loud, have millions of players! EVE has all of those players in the same server! Just earlier today, I played a 32 man game of Killing Floor, and absolutely loved it. The community is what drives gameplay, though. If you have 18 idiots playing, then you won't have any fun. If you have 18 people who respect the game, it's a ball. All a matter of personal preference, in the end.

Hear those sirens, guys? I think the noob alert has been tripped.

BF3 with 64 players is fun.

I mean fps's no mmos obviously you can never have to many people in mmo's 

BUT on super small maps and the point of a game is to stay alive and you have players spawning in an area that you just took 2 steps away from it's reeeeeeeeeeeetarded. And it is gameplay that drives gameplay not community. wat da fak

Only 12-18 players? i play on 64 player maps 

SO, if you had a game that was written using OpenGL, because, obviously it has better "controls" according to you, and had just stunning gameplay, but the community was a load of horrendous excuses for civilized humans, similar to the cesspool known as Xbox Live, of which I have heard terrifying rumors of the denizens. I mean, people who just endlessly insult each other pointlessly, and call them completely unjustified names that aren't relevant, such as making fun of their sexuality (this is starting to sound familiar),but, the gameplay is good, would you still play that game? NO, you wouldn't. The community surpasses the gameplay.

Wait a secound you were that kid who made a thread on here about wanting to play more challenging FPS games as what you had tried already was'nt good enough and was acting like a leetist piece of shit..... Oh the sweet irony lol. sawyer you are far from the best. don't give up ya day job kid

sawyer i fear that you're simply bad at videogames

If you think that 18's a lot, you haven't played planetside 2 yet. Then again, it's an MMO too

So what is this?- You don't like games with that many people in them, So it's not smart now?

If you're sick of dying after spawn. stop playing cod. I know of no other game worse than cod at spawn killing. BF3 can counter this by making the maps bigger, people are further away then thus you're less likely to die instantly. Unless of course you spawn on a teamate that is surrounded 5 to one. Then you should expect to die.

or he just likes to vent about it on TS

unless it's a single player game.     :P

portal was amazing

Hey, if you want large maps, play Arma.


Why do you make threads than constantly disagree with everyone's point? Are you a troll or something?

Read the name , I'm the best. Not that I can't do good in a retarded cluster fuck, just saying it's a lot more rewarding to out think a player than to simply lay down 2 steps from were you spawned and lay down. 

That's my best bet

If I was bad I wouldn't notice the bull shit and just think I was a bad player for spawning in the wrong place 

I said opengl games have better controls, and if you let people's actions decided what you do and don't do in life you are a fool. ^_^ 

Anything you play online you are going to be called a faggot,nigger,cunt and your life will be treating on any platform.