Pc Gamerz

i just finished building my first rig and need some ppl to game with...i have far cry 3,dead island,ghost recon online free to play,bf3,and some others if yall dont mind drop your steam id and origin id n ill add all who drop there names thanks....

Join our BF3 Platoon at Raze The World

Steam and Origin id: Doubleagent214

thanks i added u 

Just built my rig and left all my friends on console 

Steam: MacBeats


i added u 

steam id : mentally retarded child killer

origin id : GLYDE_SIDEWAYS

Do you guys play much still?? I checked the platoon out but it doesn't seem like many are active..

Would love to squad up with you guys some time though if you're online..

My ID is the same across all platforms..

added u