PC Gamers are Elitists?

Is it just me or do console gamers think that all PC gamers are elitists? Someone just had a freak out on me because I made a comment about how someone had to wait 11 hours after the launch of Borderlands 2 to actually play it. He mentioned that he was buying it for PS3 (which I have zero problem with) and because of it he has to wait 11 hours which I replied with "you poor, poor soul" and someone took that as me bashing him because he was a console gamer. It really shocks me at the amount of stupidity that people bring to the internet nowadays. Quite honestly, it saddens me. 


So have you had any encourters similar to this or are you the basher of PC gamers? 

We have all seen this type of ignorance before, we've all experienced it.  Which is why we come here, to not have to deal with it.  You are preaching to the choir over here.  

Yes, I like bringing out this video (for ome reaon the video is broken when I put the URL in ) youtube<dot>com/watch?v=WBlMd3y8SHs


good ol xim... rage spills all around.

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Yeah, I run into this problem all the time. I'm currently in college, whenever someone asks me what I do for fun I alwyas tell them I'm a gamer.
The response is always the same, do you play xbox? 

Nope PC, then they seem disgusted wit htalking to me after that. It's weird, a few bad apples truly do ruin the bunch.

I've experienced this same conversation time and time again. Then they always tell me that I should game on xbox instead and that xbox live is so much better and amazing....

This has been around for as long as I can remember, It always seems to bring the worst out of certain individuals whenever a new game console is released. I remember when the PS2 came out and a lot of the people I hung out with would constantly battle over PC vs consoles, and than the Xbox 360 / PS3 came out and it happened again. I still remember playing games on PC when everybody I knew had a N64 and they would always look at me funny "You play games on what??"

I find the best way to win this battle is converting console gamers into PC gamers rather than debating with them, Steam has been a great tool for converting console users.

wierd ive been a pc gamer for a few years now but im kind of looking at getting a ps3 now, mostly so i can play madden and so i have a blu ray player

I love my PS3, but getting newer games to work on it drives me crazy, but most people don't have one with 3.55 on it :P

yah ps3 looked like the one i would use the most mostly i will probly use it for movies and some games i cant get on pc such as madden and such

pair it with the tv and desk combo im planning on getting and my room will be set

these are people that have never played PC games and they just want you to do what they do 

yeah dude I just tell them the price i paid for a few games and thier jaws drop

How can the "console vs. PC"-debate continue between you Americans? Seriously?!

I've been discussing this very topic with merely every (console) gamer I've come to know in person, but there has never been flaming or ignorance inbound. The only PC-flaming I've experienced by console gamers is through YouTube comments, and those users are often from the states.

The gamers I know have their opinions on console- and PC-gaming. I accept them because their arguments are not ignorant or childish like the ones I see posted/flamed here on TekSyndicate ---> YouTube.

I've even built gaming PCs for some of the console gamers, and now they think PC gaming is amazing (not to mention Steam sales!) These people are now using their consoles for DVD/Blu Ray player and exclussive console games only.

I'm not trying to be the judging asshole here, but to me it seems like the "PC vs. Console"-debate is only going on in America now. I, as a non-american along many others, belive this topic is so dead as dead can be. PC is superior to consoles, but it's all about preferences.

The weapon against ignorance is to ignore the individuals and leave them with their stupidity. Don't give them the attention they want, they will just succeed in pissing you off. Never argue with an idiot - he will just drag you down on this level and beat you with experience. Seriously, grow the f*** up and deal with it.


Exactly, I can hardly believe there's another silly thread on this topic.

Complaining about console players is just as silly as a chocolate teapot.

So quit bumping posts on topics you don't care about and maybe take some of your own advise

I'm coaching you - not fighting them.

You must have not read the original post. I'm not bashing or complainging about console gamers. In fact the person who called me an elitist was mostly a PC gamer. I'm just stating I think it is outlandish how people can take something someone says completely out of contex and assume they meant something so dumb. 

I replied to Pistols post, not your topic.

Now that I think about it, you are absolutely right about that stuff only going on in the states..


Me: "You pay $60 for one game?"

Them: "Yeah, duh"

Me: "I got 30 games on steam for $60"

Them: "Consule is bettur!"

I am an elitist about PC gaming. People can bash all they want, or play games how they like it. I just know that my gaming experience is better, and willl usually be better.