Pc game release delay


i am coming to pc this christmas and i know that games that come out for the pc (eg:gta 5 bf4 etc) when they release on pc have been released on consoles already(most games) i want to know.

on average how many days weeks months or years does it take for games to come to pc after xbox and ps4 (i know they may be different depending on the company but a ballpark estimate would be appreciated)



Generally they are released at the same time. 

In the past, Rockstar Games do usually get delayed/put on hold, GTA V and Red Dead Redemption for example. 

And then obviously the console exclusives won't be coming to PC unless it's after the consoles life cycle, (Halo 3 possibly?)

But for the most part, with 95% of AAA titles they release simultaneously. 

Most games launch simultaneously.

Rockstar have a history of releasing games late on PC. I think we will see GTA5 on PC when the next-generation of console launches. They shouldn't have any trouble "porting" the next-gen version to PC, which will be better than the current offering. That's probably why they released GTA5 so close to the next-gen launch date. Don't forget, GTA5 was supposed to release on console much earlier this year. They want to maintain the "hype" around the game for the later platforms.