PC Game Hard Disk Questions

I have a question, see I've wanted to download my games from steam but there have been some technical difficulties but that doesn't matter as I am going to just buy the hard copy discs but here's the question. Once I insert the disk and install the game and create a desktop shortcut, do i need to still insert the game disc every time i want to play or can i just then click on the shortcut and enjoy the game?

P.S: Reason why i'm asking this is because i still haven't installed the optical drive and I don't want to until iv'e cleared everything up. And if the answer is " yes you still have to insert the game disc every time" then i'll just contact steam support and figure out the whole thing.

Thanks by the way. :D

Yes you still have to insert the game disc every time.

Unless you crack the game. It doesn't actually run anything off the disc it just needs to check that it's genuine because they assume that you're a thief.

What's your problem with steam?

Unable to verify my account via email as I check my inbox and there's nothing there and yeas I've checked my spam folder and every other folder. So yeah

Maybe try a different e-mail