PC Freezing. Chrome the Cause?

This just happened to me yesterday and now it did a few moments ago. I returned to my PC and began to resume what i was working on. I had a few tabs open (Facebook, Tek Syndicate and some pages for school), I open a new tab and everything goes to hell. 

The PC just completely freezes. The mouse still moves but everything, even ctrl+alt+del, doesn't work. I have to do a hard reset in order to get the PC back and then it takes an obnoxiously long time to start up. Sometimes over 4 min, which is intolerable when the normal start up time is around 45 seconds.

I've run HD Tune to check my HDD for errors but nothing was found. SMART is all reporting back well too.  

Windows 8.1 64Bit 

Chrome 32.0.1700.107 m



Anybody have any ideas? It just did it again. Same exact scenario. Click the new tab button and my computer is dead. 

I got a very similar problem... except that on my case the system goes back to normal in about a minute waiting.

Running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and the exact same Chrome version

Have you tried updating Chrome? I ended up going to 'About Google Chrome' link and it updated to Version 33.0.1750.117 m

Granted I never had crashing issues like you've described, but updating might help. Here's a direct link to copy and paste to your URL bar.


I continue to experience the same problem even after updating to the latest version, thanks tho

If you are using an Nvidia graphics chip or card?

maybe something is unstable? try using firefox for a while and see if it still happens.

I did switch to Firefox and everything is running smoothly now, so I'm gonna stick to it.

@John I'm using an AMD 7850