Pc freezes ONLY when playing games. Help!

I have been having problems with my pc lately. Whenever I play a game for about 5 minutes, my entire pc freezes, I cant alt - tab, sound is cut off but all components in the pc are still powered and running. The only way to get pc back up and working is to hard reset the system. I have tested all parts such as, graphics card, cpu, ram, power supply and the freeze still happens. Temps for both the cpu and gpu are normal, I even reapplied thermal paste to cpu and gpu and still freezes. Updated all drivers associated with cpu and gpu and still freezes. Put in different ram and still freezes. The only thing I could possible think of being the problem is my motherboard. I dont know how to test my mobo other than just buying a new one and seeing if the problem still happens. Has anyone had this happen to them before and does anyone know of a fix?


Pc Spec:

motherboard: Asus m5a99fx pro r2.0

cpu: Amd 8350 4.2ghz

Gpu: Sapphire 7950 dual vapor x

Power Supply: Rosewell 750 80 + bronze.

Any error codes in the windows event logs?

possibly a not stable OC, set the clock to default or run prime95 for at least 15 min, if it freezes you have your problem detected

I fixed the problem, I went and bought a new motherboad and that seems to have fixed the issue. I am still not totally sure what happened to the other board though.

could have also been the way the motherboard takes the heat from the cpu. i have a fx9590 and a hyper 212 evo to cool it which should have been enough but my motherboard was also pulling heat so it kept freezing when i would play games i monitored my temps and eventually after weeks of searching found the problem but my solution was my clock speed cause the cpu socket itself to overheat i lowered my clock speed which lowered the temp just enough a few degrees made an enormous difference and it solved the problem but another solution which i will eventually do is get a better cooler which you didnt specify your cooler and I MAY BE COMPLETELY WRONG but if you still have it checking the old motherboard could provide a backup motherboard if this solves your problem or could lead to another build i hoped this helped