PC for Parents

  We all know it, lightning can do some damage to a computer. It gets hit you can guarantee something inside will need to be replaced if not the whole system. This happened to my parent's old Dell, it had a core 2 duo, 4 gigs of DDR2, and Windows Vista. I told them every time I came to visit, "You need to upgrade from that dinosaur!" But they never got a new PC. However the weather decided it had enough of their old computer too and sent a nice jolt to it and fried their motherboard and CPU.


   This leads me to my the system build. Working for a company where part of my job is to build custom PC's for people I convinced the parent's to let me build one for them instead of them wasting money on a new Dell. They used the old PC for general use like E-Mail, some pictures, and Facebook. I didn't want to go to overkill because they don't play any games but I still got them something that would be snappy and would last a long time.


Went with the A8 because like I said they don't play games, but I put a little higher speed RAM in there for good measure. Also I posted this in here just because I was bored...soo...yeah. Let me know what you think! :D

Yup, that's actually OK...

I did something similar for my parents; but i went as low as possible - A4 5300, Asrock FM2A88XM Extreme 4+, 2x2GB 1600MHz Kingston Genesis, old WD 160GB, Fortron 350GHN 85+...

Yeah most people's parents don't need a lot of horse power. Like my friend built his parents a system and gave them an i7 and a 512gb Samsung SSD. His parents almost never use their PC.  

Looks almost exactly like the build I did for my boss when his computer died. So, good for general use in other words.