PC for my girlfriend

My girlfriend wants a PC for playing games and watching movies and such.  She's no hardcore gamer, but she likes some fairly demanding games.  How is this?




Well, that mobo will not fit in the case, swap it out for a standard ATX mid tower like a Xigmatek asgard pro. Use the money you save to buy a better motherboard like the gigabyte GA-990-fxa-ud3. Otherwise, looks good.

$650 is a nice area.

It's a LAN build.  Sorry I didn't mention that.

You will need a mini ITX mobo then.

Yeah I actually didn't even notice it wasn't mini ITX.

How about this mobo then?


Hey but sometimes mITX can be expensive right?

nope, bitfenix prodegy is m-itx, it fits m-itx and nothing else

i'm not sure if they make any m-itx am3+ boards

I meant the board actually.

oh, so you're fine with changing to a bigger case

No I'm not lol.

I've never seen anyone who bought a Seagate HDD and didn't have it die after a few years.  Spend $5 more for a 1tb Western Digital.


I keep telling everyone that, and no one believes me so I finally jumped on the seagate bandwagen!

At the very least even if it's wrong to say Seagate is unreliable it is for certain less reliable then Western Digital and $5 is a small price to pay if it means the difference between keeping everything on your computer and loosing it... (Though backing up is still a good idea)

you misunderstood my first post, if you're going with that case (the prodegy) you need an m-itx board, the board you posted was m-atx

and i don't believe they make any m-itx am3+ boards (or am3, but idk), you may need to go intel

I understand what you mean now.  In which case, I found this case:


yeah, that should hold that second board you posted

i don't know a ton about motherboards, so i dont know if that's neccasarily good board (literally no idea whatsoever) but it'l fit and work