PC for Graphic designer

My budget for the build is 1000€ I live in Slovenia, so therefore the currency is € (eur)

My aim with the PC is graphic design, I want it to perform fast in the adobe applications, I also do some coding but that is irrelevant, it doesn't take much power neither does too much space. I would like to have at least 2tb of space in the build, because I will be doing some backup. I don't game a lot, however I do play Command and Conquer, maybe a match of Dota 2, every now and then with my friends. I already own a case of hp workstation, so the case doesn't need to be included in the build (compatible with ATX). :) I already Own a monitor which is Dell P2412H.

I have a Logitech g600 mouse and a basic logitech's membrane keyboard, should I upgrade to mechanical?

 I currently own a copy of windows 7, but I could upgrade to windows 8 since I am a student and i can get Windows for academics for a fraction of the cost. However I think i can get work done much faster on windows 7.

This is what I currently have in mind:

CPU:  Intel Core i7-4770 3.4GHz Quad-Core Processor 

Motherboard:  Gigabyte GA-B85-HD3 ATX LGA1150 Motherboard

Memory:  Kingston Beast 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3-1600 Memory

Storage:  Kingston SSDNow V300 Series 120GB 2.5" Solid State Disk

Storage:  Seagate Barracuda 2TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive 

Video Card:  Asus GeForce GTX 760 2GB Video Card 

Do you guys have any suggestions for me or rather a better solution?

Thank you everyone for reading this, and I am really excited for what you come with.

Best regards,


Currently, here's what I think. You should upgrade your GPU to something that has more oomph if you're graphics designing, but the main point is that YOU SHOULD TELL US YOUR BUDGET!!!. We can help you so much more if you tell us your budget. Help us help you.

Looks solid, but i would change the SSD for something like a Samsung 840 evo or kingston HyperX 3K. I red a review about the SSDnow v300, and they have different kinds of memory in them. Some of them had a bit faulty memory, and even tho they market it speeds with 450/450 Mb/s, the reviewer got only something like 200/180 Mb/s.

Another chance would be the processor. If you can find a Xeon E3-V12X0 V3 processor where you are buying the parts, i would concider getting one since it performs like a i7-4770, but costs significantly less.

Also, does the programs you use take andvantage of CUDA/OpenCL? Here would be a great build for your needs, if you can use OpenCL acceleration http://it.pcpartpicker.com/p/3gWdI, if you can take more advantage out of CUDA, then this would also be a good build http://it.pcpartpicker.com/p/3gWqM

hope i helped :)

Yep!! I think same! U should pick up the xeon. If u are not going to overclock your cpu. And i only have to reccomend u 840 evo, i really love it! 


http://it.pcpartpicker.com/p/3gWZi Parts seem to be very limited there. Very sad although prices aren't bad. 

The tower looks fine (though I dont know much about that motherboard). Graphic design is not nearly as demanding as people often make it out to be and that pc is more then enough. If anything I would be looking at cutting the processor to the xeon hoocee12 mentioned a 4670k or an 8350 and getting a 256gb ssd so you dont have to manage the space so much. I also would be planning to get an AH-IPS monitor in the near future with the intent of just using that tn panel you have as a second screen.

Ohh thank you so much for SSD hints I will definetly check those out. Actually I have already seen some reviews of Samsung's 840, but I have bad expirience with Samsung's phones :D. I want my SSD to last a long time.

About the CPU, great suggestion, but actually in my country the xeon is only 10€ cheaper so I guess I can give 10€ for the onboard graphic no problem :)

Well I mostly use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop so after a quick google search I guess OpenCL is better at those programs: http://forums.hexus.net/software/281917-cuda-photoshop-creative-suite.html Do you think this brootal graphic card you picked will do much better then the asus one? I didn't really look into AMD's side since i thoght the prices went up a lot due to mining, however I now see I should!

This is a good build but I think the motherboard is a bit of an overkill? I am not going to overclock my cpu, nor will i overclock my GPU since as I said I want this computer to operate smoothly for 5+ years.

This definetly helped me, cheers mate!

Thanks for the suggestion mate, I am a bit sceptical when I see Samsung. Do you maybe know how much warranty you get with the SSD? 

For how long have you been using it?

About the CPU, great suggestion, but actually in my country the xeon is only 10€ cheaper so I guess I can give 10€ for the onboard graphic no problem :)


Yeah I know... Id rather ship a computer from US but then an import would cost me too much + I would wait a lifetime for parts to arrive... It is a bit more expensive then US though. 

Ughh did I mention I already have a pretty robust power supply from my old workstation it is 550W.

I don't see much with difference on this asrock  motherboard except its price? 

Thanks for the suggestion mate, Cheers!


It isn't really demanding, but usually I have 3 different files opened in Photoshop plus some in Illustrator, plus playing music, utorrent, not to mention all the chrome tabs :D. So when I work my computer gets pretty clogged, It is definetly not as demanding as gaming, but I really want this computer to last me 5+ years no problem.

 About the CPU, great suggestion, but actually in my country the xeon is only 10€ cheaper so I guess I can give 10€ for the onboard graphic no problem :)

Good point on the SSD but, I really don't think I will be using SSD much, except for Adobe creative, corel draw, windows 7/8 (Im not sure whether i should upgrade or not :P), maybe some programs like winzip, antivirus, filezilla, office... I am not much of a gamer, so there will probably only be a game or two. Does SSD start to work slower when clogged?

I did actually look into buying a better monitor but then I realized mine has a pretty good color reproduction plus I have a second monitor already which is in portrait mode 17 inch so I have plenty of space to work with.

I definetly will upgrade it in the future but not just yet :D 

Thanks for the suggestions, cheers!

Graphic designing actually doesn't eat a lot of GPU power, what do you have in mind? I did provide the budget, it is in the first paragraph :)

Thanks for the help!

128GB is small once you put windows on it.  It will slow down a little bit if it gets full.  I suggest at least 240GB for your purposes.

I also think an i5-4670 will work just fine.

Samsung is closer to a collection of company's than one. Don't let one part influence your opinion one way or another.

You think? right now im calculating how much space i need: 20gb for windows 25gb adobe cs6, lets say 5gb for games, 10gb for other applications(winzip, filezilla, notepad, antivirus...dropbox?) cannot think of anything else actually. Thats lets say 80gb much above top.

Do you still think paying twice as more would be worth it, what do you honestly think. I had to work many nights to be able to afford this so i really do not want to pay more unless it really makes a huge difference.


Windows after all its updates can take around 30-40 gigs pretty easily.  I like to leave around 10-20% of any drive free.

It is very possible to live with a 120GB drive.  Just expect to put only small things on the SSD besides windows, and the rest on your mass storage.  Also, make sure you get a slightly higher quality drive, such as a Kingston HyperX 3K or Samsung 840 Evo.  Kingston has been putting asynchronous flash into their V300 SSDs.  Asynchronous flash is cheaper, and as a result less reliable in read and write counts and does them slower as well.

An i7 would still probably be overkill for your purposes, but would last quite a long time indeed.

120/128gb is manageable but inconvenient. I have a 128gb ssd and get by fine. I just limit it to a handful of important programs and those that don't give any option on the install directory. If you are trying to squeeze every bit of life out of this computer you can then putting up with the inconvenience is probably worth it. You just probably will want to put any more modern games that come out you want to play on the 2tb. 

hmmm samsung 830 really seems to be the best choice.. Well i think i could easily live with 120gb ssd. 

exactly and for the cpu I am willing to pay a bit more :)

thank you very much, you are very helpful!

Remember, Samsung 840.  The 830 was a previous generation, I think.

Would you suggest to go for a bigger drive and rather save some money elsewhere?

alright thanks a bunch! :)