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Here is my build

Do ryzens not come with fans?

I have a 4770K, 2x8-2400 set up at the moment (10yr old) Thinking of putting all my saved gas money into a new machine.

I have a 550w PSU will it be suitable?

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It should have a fan, it does say BOX on the listing which should mean it comes with a Wraith Prism.

Maybe not so much r if you don’t need it
There’s little difference in 3800x and 3700x, they boost almost the same, save some money get the 3700X

If you do need 32GB I’d advise you get 2x16GB as that will be easier on the memory controller

Both 3700x and 3800x come with the wraith prism cooler which is about as good as a hyper 212

Also what country are you in, my Newegg has these prices

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Thanks @GigaBusterEXE - Is quad channel not a thing anymore?
I have a 550w PSU is that suitable?

Canadian Rupes

Only on enthusiast platforms, you need threadripper x399 for that, same on Intel quad channel only available on enthusiast x299, x99, ect

Depends on what GPU you’re putting in it

Thanks i like the 65 tdp as well

I have an old amd tahiti i think 280oc??? I only play tf2 so im good

I think it’ll be fine, as long as it’s not like a 290X

That’s funny, i forgot i got a 650 EVGA G3, so i good.

Make sure you tick all those protection plan option boxes. Wouldn’t want you risking all that hardware without pointless extended warranty :rofl:

Drop the ram to 16GB and put the 150$ towards a better GPU. You will have a better time. 32GB is overkill even today.

I run vms and my vid card plays TF2 ok. i don’t play any other games. Can i get a video card for $150

A used one maybe but I said put towards. $250 Canadian will get you better performance than the 280 with half the power and noise. Better for long term peace.

Appreciate your point about VMs. Go with what you have it is fine for that use.

RX5500XT is pretty cheap but IDK if you’ll be able to get them under 150$

Maybe next upgrade and hey you saved 50$ on the CPU

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Tru Nuff, wouldn’t know what to get.

Looks like you’re looking for a lot of RAM. I’ve never seen someone do this but you can get 4 x 16 GB Crucial sticks for not very much, roughly $200. I don’t know if they are compatible but they are worth a look especially if you can get the cache latency low enough.

Registered doesn’t work on consumer boards.

For GPU: Navi 5500 based would be an easy upgrade with all the new video codecs and way more efficient as mentioned. In general the sapphire pulse cards are always solid and reasonably priced.

My bad, thanks for clearing that up. So only Epyc would support these DIMMs

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Yup, EPYC on the AMD side and Xeons for team blue. No Threadripper or X299 stuff even.

Actually X299 I’m not sure.

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