PC doesnt start. Press power button makes a relay clicking sound

So I have a PC that has been working fine for months. But now that I try to start it, it makes a faint click when press power button like a relay being engaged or something. And well… it does not start.

I have just replaced the PSU (got RME service from Corsair).

The PSU is plugged into a grounded UPS. I have also tried plug it directly to the wall.

There was a thunder yesterday (I was out) but as far as I know nothing else is broken and UPS should offer some protection from that I guess.

In this apartment I have not had great longevity with PCs due to breaker being tripped regularly due to overloading house circuit accidentally.

I had a similar issue and changing the power cord for a different one fixed the issue, although it happened again and I switched back to the original power cord and that worked too oddly enough.

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