PC doesn't output video

I recently changed my processor out and after that my pc wouldn't boot. I made a forum topic and ended up replacing most of my parts. CPU, Ram and Motherboard. What happens now is that everything gets power. The CPU fan spins. The motherboard lights up. My USB peripherals gets power but the motherboard doesn't output any video. The SSD and HDD works in my laptop. The monitor also works with my laptop. My motherboard was bought before the Pentium was released and the Bios hasn't been updated because I read on various sites that it works out of the box without updating the Bios. It's not the front panel headers that is mixed as I just power it on directly on the motherboard. I'm using the HDMI output on the motherboards IO

Specs :

Pentium G3258

Corsair CS750M

2x4GB Kingston Fury

MSI Z87M Gaming


120GB Samsung EVO

Asus VG248QE

Setup http://gyazo.com/8a5330426c8de70e3ebb36dbb334c684


Any help is greatly appreciated.

When booting, check the error code indicator on the motherboard, it should hopefully tell you what the problem is. I'm also wondering why you're not running a dedicated GPU, but in any case are there drivers for the integrated graphics?


The motherboard shows C9.

I ordered a Sapphire R9 290 but it hasn't arrived yet. My Pentium is  temporary. I will be ordering an i5 soon. 

It could just be the integrated that needs a bios update in order to work.


9C is apparently a reference to USB initialization, so unplug your mouse and keyboard + other peripherals and see if that outputs video to monitor

Here is my source: http://www.overclock.net/t/1501047/msi-z97-mpower-9c-error-code

It now outputs so thanks a lot! 

I looked in the manual but C9 was not in the debugging list.

Good to hear, I looked there myself, but it was a really useless debugging table.