PC Crashed from turning on a room fan plugged into same extension lead?


I have an extension lead with six plug sockets and a surge protector. I currently have my PC with a 500w PSU, a 32" TV (on), a Laptop (on), two phone chargers (charging) and I plugged in my room fan and the moment I turned the dial to set it to speed 1 my pc made a usb device disconnected sound then crashed making a buzzing sound through my speakers and some strange error I didn't have time to write down but it was in win8 and said something along the lines of "something went horribly wrong, restarting in x seconds" then a code, also took a long time to restart. I was really worried something blew up, its only 2months old.

I am wondering what the hell happened? Too many things plugged in? Pretty sure I've not had issues with that setup before and I was only watching a youtube video so the pc wouldn't of been using a lot of power.

I doubt it damaged your computer. Have you been able to reproduce the incident?

Heh no and I don't really want to. I do recall my PC making the usb device disconnected sound in the past when I have adjusted my fan speed but this is the first time it crashed from it

Windows 'crashes' in order to protect your computer from 'potential' damage. So it is likely windows sensed an unstable power connection and BSOD to prevent damage. Maybe don't have so much stuff plugged into a single power strip? It won't damage your computer but if it starts happening a lot I suggest getting a separate surge protector for your PC setup.